Tired of teaching Vocabulary?

Try these new strategies to add life to your instruction!

What we will cover in the 2 hour PD session:

To be successful, our students must understand complex texts, engage deeply with content-area concepts, and participate in academic discussions. To that end, this session will give participants an opportunity to explore technology resources that will positively impact vocabulary instruction . Participants will engage in activities designed for improving student vocabulary skills which are content and grade level specific. Walk away from this session with tools that can be implemented immediately in any content area.

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Task 1: Interactive Word Wall

Using QR codes, teachers will use a Know or No chart to record their knowledge of posted words. After the first introduction to the word, teachers will use their device to scan a QR code to find out more information about the vocabulary term. After visiting all stations, teachers will revisit their charts to complete the assignment. Upon completion of this activity, teachers will create QR codes that include video clips or articles to paste into the QR code generator. Teachers will be able to save this information to use this in class.

Task 2: Alphabet Organizer

Teachers will visit the Read,Write,Think website to create a project titled "Technology." Teachers will be shown how to access this free website/page to create and print a project with their students.

Task 3: Paint Chip Vocabulary

Using the handout or acutal paint chips from the hardware store, teachers will create a lesson for their subject/grade level. In the session, we will watch a short video about a teacher that uses paint chips in her high school classroom to build student vocabulary. We will also learn about a website that will help students visualize words.

Task 4: Flipped Voabulary

We will read a short post from Catlin Tucker about "Flipped Vocabulary." We will then work with SNIP and a website to discuss all the elements and demo how you can record a slide with information to teach the students using technology in rotations.

Task 5: Word Clouds

Watch a science teacher incorporate literacy using word clouds. I will share some websites that make this task easy for your children.

Closure: Stop Light Exit Ticket

See how simple this 3 part graphic is for students to use as a place to respond and you to gather assessment data.

Kathy Paul

Instructional Technology Coach

Wilson Elem. School (MWF)

Buchanan Elem. School (T/TH)