Nuremberg Trials

Karl Doenitz

Background Information

Karl Doenitz was the commander of the Submarine Unit of the German Navy and eventually would become commander of the entire German Navy. He was loyal and obedient to the Nazi political party from the beginning. He died in 1981.


Doenitz was charged and convicted with "crimes against peace" and "war crimes". One incident that he ordered was the sinking of "City of Benares" on September 17, 1940. This was an 11,000 ton ship liner that held 191 passengers and 100 children. When the ship was sunk, 77 children died. His attacks on the Allied Merchant Vessels included 241 sunken ships and 112 illegal attacks (79 of which were without warning).


Doenitz served a ten year sentence in prison for his crimes.

I think the consequence fit the crime and he got what he deserved