Skin Cancer

Hunter Baker

What Is Skin Cancer?

You get skin cancer from being exposed to too much ultraviolet rays from the sun. Skin cancer is when you have an abnormal growth of skin cells. You can also get skin cancer on areas not exposed to the sun. There are 3 main types of skin cancer but also 5 other kinds that are rare and cause only 1% of all skin cancer with the 5 combined.

3 Main Types of Cancer with Symptoms

  • Basal~ Pearly or waxy bumps, and flat flesh-colored or brown scar like lesions
  • Squamous~Firm, red nodule and a flat lesion with scaly, crusted surface
  • Melanomas~Large brownish spots with darker speckles, moles that change in color or size or feels or bleeds, dark lesions on palms, fingertips or toes, or on mucous membranes lining your mouth, and your nose are they symptoms for melanoma.

How to Get Rid of Skin Cancer

There's many different ways to treat for skin cancer but it all depends of how early you find out, the size, the depth, and the location of the lesions.

Some treatments are ~

~ Freezing: If caught in early stages

~Excisional surgery

~ Mohs surgery: Is for large and recurring or difficult to treat skin cancers

~ Radiation therapy


~Photodynamic therapy: The cancer is removed by lasers and drugs

~Biological therapy: You use your body's immune system to kill the cancer cells

Chances of living

  • 97% of patients with the first stage of skin cancer survive the first 5 years and 95% survive 10 years
  • Final stage the survival rate is 15% - 20% for 5 years but for 10 years it's 10% to 15%

Why Do You Need To Know About Skin Cancer

The reason why you should know about skin cancer is because we easily over look it. We always go outside to hangout with friends and just chill and we don't think to put on suntan lotion to protect us. We just think it wont be us or it just doesn't even cross our minds. It is better to be safer than sorry so please just wear suntan lotion.