Roosevelt Welcome Back 2021-2022

August 2021

The PACK is Back!

Roosevelt Families,

I am so excited to welcome everyone to the 2021-2022 school year for in-person learning. Although some things still may look a little different, we are very excited to celebrate 5 full days of in-person instruction with lunch and recess. One of the exceptional things about Roosevelt is the family atmosphere that we have at our school. Having our students back in school all day will bring back the positive climate and culture that we have all come to love here! I am sure that many of you may have questions about what school will look like this year and what guidelines have been put in place to support the safety of our students and staff. Below I have provided multiple links to documents that outline the start of school. I ask that you please take some time to read through these documents with your child to help support a successful start to the school year.

Proud PACK member,

Mr. West


District Calendar Information

Click on the link above to access the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 WBSD district calendars

Back to School Gateway

In order for us to keep our student files up to date, we will be requiring all current active returning WBSD students to update their contact information in our new Back 2 School Gateway.

P.A.C.K Playground Playdate

Roosevelt Meet the Teacher Events

This year we will be hosting (2) meet and greet events, the PACK Playground Playdate! Kindergarten families will receive a separate email outlining the kindergarten specific event. First through fifth grades meet and greet will take place outdoors on the Roosevelt playground. Please note that any student(s) who enter the building will be required to wear a mask.

Tuesday, August 24th 5:00-6:00pm (Kindergarten only)

  • Students Last Name- A-N 5:00pm-5:30pm

  • Students Last Name- N-Z 5:30pm-6:00pm

Thursday, August 26th 4:00pm (1st-5th grade)

Please note that this event is outside only, students and staff will not be allowed into the building at this time. In the event of inclement weather, the event may be cancelled.

First Day of School & Moving Forward...

Parents please note that due to WBSD COVID-19 mitigation guidelines only students will be allowed to enter the building on the first day of school. I am asking that all families use the transportation options of bus, walker or car line for the 2021-2022 school year. There will be no onsite parking available at Roosevelt. Like last year, the north parking lot will be closed to support student safety and COVID protocol. If your student is a walker there are (2) options available. Students can cross Cass Lake Rd. at the light with the crossing guard, or exit out the back of the playground. Students will not be allowed to walk across Schroeder Blvd or Beland Ave. Crossing these roads is not safe due to the amount of volume in the car pickup line. Please note, parents are asked to meet their walking student(s) off property like last year. Families will not be allowed to congregate in a large group outside of the school prior to dismissal. As a parent of two elementary aged students, I understand that this may not be the ideal situation for starting school. I know that the first day of school is an exciting time and we want to be there with our student(s) to see them enter the building safely and wish them good luck. Please know that we will have multiple staff outside the building, with smiling faces to welcome your student and ensure they get into school and to class safely. Working together supporting and following the WBSD COVID-19 mitigation guidelines is the best way to ensure we can provide a safe in-person learning environment for our students and staff. I appreciate your support!

Roosevelt Elementary 2021-2022 Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule 2021-2022



  • The doors will open at 9:00am for the 2021-2022 school year. Due to a lack of adult supervision students will not be allowed in the building until 9:00am.

  • If students are dropped off prior to 9:00am they will be required to wait outside the building. (Note adult supervision will not be provided prior to 9:00am)

  • Students will enter the building, go to their locker, and then immediately to class. Staff will be present to greet students at the classroom door starting at 9:00am.

  • Our goal is to reduce the amount of time students are in the hallways congregating with other students.


  • Students who are walking and riding the bus will be dismissed at 4:00pm.

  • All walkers will be required to walk off school property at this time. Parents will not be allowed to congregate in front of the building (you must meet your walker at one of the identified exit points). Walkers will not be allowed to play on the playground while waiting for a ride.

Car Line pickup will start at 4:07pm after busses have been released. Please note if you are looking to reduce the amount of time waiting in the car line the transfer bus is your fastest option.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Please review the document below that outlines the arrival and dismissal procedures for Roosevelt Elementary. After reviewing this information please complete the following dismissal survey indicating how your student will be dismissed from school each day.

General Information:

  • Parents will NOT be permitted to enter Roosevelt school grounds during arrival and dismissal.

  • NO cars will be permitted in the Roosevelt parking lots OR at Santia Hall, Gino’s or the Church next door, during arrival and dismissal time.

  • You may NOT assign your child to be a walker, unless he/she is in the local walking radius of Keego Harbor. All other students outside of the walking community are required to use the car line or bus transportation.

  • There are shuttle busses available to parents who wish to get their student as quickly as possible at dismissal time. These busses will take students to a remote location in Sylvan Lake to expedite dismissal procedures. We encourage families to utilize this service. There are forms in the office if you’d like to request this shuttle service.

    • Note: for families who are looking to reduce the time it takes to pick up from the car line. Utilizing the shuttle service is often times faster than waiting in the car pickup line.

  • All Roosevelt students will be given a plastic tag to attach to their backpacks that corresponds to their dismissal plan so all staff can help keep students safe.

  • All Roosevelt families will be given 2 color coded signs (by grade level) with their student’s name(s) on them for their car for dismissal purposes. We know some of you may not plan to pick up in the car line, but you will still be issued two signs, just in case. You MUST have this sign visible in your car window, this will help with the speed and safety at dismissal time.



  • Bus riders will be dropped off at Roosevelt, in the front loop.

  • Bus riders will enter the building beginning at 9:00am. They will enter one of the two front doors and proceed to their classroom.

  • Staff will be posted along the way to assist and classroom teachers will be waiting in their classroom door to greet your child.


  • Bus riders will exit the building through the front doors at 4:00pm.

  • Bus riders will proceed to their assigned bus.

  • Any late busses will have its riders stay safely at Roosevelt until their bus arrives.



  • Car line will be the same format as previous school years, traveling down Beland, down Beachmont, in front of City Hall and onto Schroeder if needed.

  • Car riders will begin being let out of cars IN FRONT of Roosevelt ONLY, as soon as the bus loop is clear, approximately 9:00am.

    • Car riders may not be dropped off to Roosevelt prior to 9:00am due to a lack of adult supervision.

    • Car riders may not exit their vehicle on Beland.

  • Car riders will be greeted by adults in the carline who will direct them to the entry doors.

  • Staff will be posted along the way to assist and classroom teachers will be waiting in their classroom door to greet your child.


  • Car riders will be escorted out of their classrooms by their classroom teachers to the front grass area and will wait with their teacher in an assigned spot outside, in the front of the school, using social distancing safety procedures for outside.

  • Car line will be the same format as previous school years, traveling down Beland, down Beachmont, in front of City Hall and onto Schroeder if needed.

  • Roosevelt staff will be looking for your color coded student sign in your car window, to minimize person-to-person contact, when you reach the corner of Beland and Beachmont. He/She will communicate your child’s name to the classroom teachers, so they can get your student to the “ready position” in front of the building.

  • As you pull through the front car loop, you MUST pull all of the way up and once the cars have come to a stop, your child will proceed to meet your car and you can exit back onto Cass Lake Road.



  • Your student may only be a walker, if you live in the walking community of Keego Harbor.

  • Walkers may cross at the light, with the crossing guard in the front of the building OR they can enter through the back gate by the basketball court, beginning at 9:00am.

  • Staff will be posted along the way to assist and classroom teachers will be waiting in their classroom door to greet your child.


  • Walkers will exit the building through the front door if they are crossing at the light and the back door if they are crossing at the City Hall gate.

  • Staff will supervise the walkers as they exit school grounds.

  • Walkers will proceed home after they have been escorted off of school grounds.

Roosevelt 2021-2022 Dismissal Form

Please complete the following form indicating how your student(s) will be getting home each day.

Sharing Lockers and Materials

We will be allowing students to share/use lockers and classroom materials this school year. Staff will continue to encourage students to wash their hands and practice good hygiene throughout the day. If you are concerned about your student sharing materials please contact your teacher to discuss what options are available.

Accessing PowerSchool and Canvas

Please note that the district has not sent out log-in information to families yet for PowerSchool and Canvas. Look for an email early next week with this information.

Teacher Assignment Information

Teacher Assignments

Teacher assignments will be live in PowerSchool on Monday, August 23rd. Be on the lookout for an email from WBSD outlining the process of how to access your student’s teacher assignment. Please click on the link below for questions about logging into PowerSchool.

PowerSchool Link

Please note that we will not be providing class lists at the meet the teacher event this year. If you have questions about how to access your student(s) teacher assignment through PowerSchool please contact the Roosevelt Office.

Roosevelt Visitor Protocol

We will be following the guidelines outlined in the WBSD COVID-19 mitigation document for all visitors and volunteers at Roosevelt this school year.

Phone and Virtual Meetings

In an effort to reduce the number of people who enter the building, I am requesting that we attempt to handle as many interactions as possible over the phone or via Zoom meetings.

  • Before coming to the school, call the office and see if this is something that can be handled over the phone.

  • If you need to speak with Mr. West, he will contact you via phone first. If there is a need to meet in person, that will take place by appointment only in person or via Zoom.

In-Person Visitors

  • Visitors will only be allowed into the building if they need to visit the office for something that can’t be accomplished over the phone.

  • No visitor will be permitted past the main office.

  • All visitors will be required to wear face coverings and follow proper social distancing expectations.

  • In-person visitors will only be allowed to enter the building through the main entrance.


  • All volunteers will be required to set up and meeting with administration 48 hours or more in advance.

  • All volunteers will be required to wear a mask indoors while students are present in the building.

  • Volunteers will not be allowed on a drop-in basis.

Late Arrival and Early Pick-Up

It is highly encouraged that students arrive on time and are not picked up early. Each student attending in-person instruction has limited time with teachers. We feel it is important to maximize this in-person instruction and request that your student does not leave early.

Late Arrival- If you arrive at school after 9:15am.

  1. Pull in front of the building

  2. Students will enter through the main entrance

  3. Students will report to the main office and sign in

Early Dismissal- If you need to pick up before 4:07pm.

  1. Pull into a parking space in the front of the building (not the bus loop)

  2. Enter the building through the main doors

  3. Sign your student out in the main office

  4. Students will be called to the main office, parents can wait for students at the top of the stairs near the main office doors.

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Title I Services at Roosevelt Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary qualifies as a Title I building. With Title I funding we are able to provide multiple resources to students that support academic success. Some of these resources include but are not limited to,

  • Intervention support in the areas of reading, writing and math.

  • Before and after school program

  • Summer academic programs

  • Academic resources

This year food services will be providing the opportunity for all students to receive free breakfast and lunch regardless of free and reduced lunch status. With that being said, I encourage you to still complete the application if you feel you may qualify for services. The amount of Title I funding Roosevelt will receive is based on these percentages.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

If you have any questions about Title I services provided to students at Roosevelt please feel free to contact Mr. West at
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