7th Grade Family Newsletter

December Edition

Mrs. Lundgren out on maternity leave

Mrs. Lundgren will be out the reminder of the semester and most of January for her maternity leave. As of Monday, December 2nd Baby Lundgren is still not here yet but will update when we know more.

If you are in need of a principal for your concerns please contact Heather Oentrich, building principal. (HeatherOentrich@usd475.org or 785-717-4404)

Wrapping up the semester

There are 14 school days left of the semester and it's super important everyone finishes strong particularly for students who want to be involved in boys basketball, bowling, track, golf and tennis next semester. JCMS will use first semester grades to determine eligibility for second semester sports and activities.

There is a lot of testing going on this time of year particularly when it comes to math and reading tests. We will use this data to help plan for second semester so it's important students take that testing seriously as it could impact their schedule where they could be placed in an additional reading or math class or the reverse could happen where if scores are raised from the fall they could get removed from their additional math or reading classes.

We also want to see those gold, silver, blue and white Renaissance cards and all the privileges that come along with those cards so academics and behavior are still super important!!!

If you happen to be leaving early for winter break it is important you notify the office as your leave has to be approved by Mrs. Oentrich.

2nd Semester Schedules

The deadline for 2nd semester elective requests and/or changes has passed but please know all schedules are not final. Our academic team will be reviewing winter reading and math scores along with trying to balance numbers in other classes all the way up until the day we return from winter break. Schedules will be copied and finalized by 2pm on Monday, January 6th. The current plan is to get all schedules to your student's CAT Time teachers and they will be distributed at that time on the first day back from winter break.

Important Dates

Week of Dec 2nd - I-Ready/math testing

Tuesday, Dec 3rd - 7th grade girls basketball at Salina South @ 4:30pm

Tuesday, Dec 3rd - Wrestling at Salina South @ 4:30pm

Thursday, Dec 5th - 7th grade girls basketball at JCMS @ 3:30pm

Friday, Dec 6th - Wrestling at Fort Riley Middle School @ 3pm

Saturday, Dec 7th - Snowman Shuffle with vendors and pancake feed - 8am-noon

Monday, Dec 9th - Team 7 Career work with Mr. Frint in science class (need computer)

Monday, Dec 9th - Orchestra Concert at JCMS @ 6pm

Tuesday, Dec 10th - Team 5 Career work with Mr. Frint in science class (need computer)

Tuesday, Dec 10th - 7th grade girls basketball at Anthony Middle School @ 3:30pm

Wednesday, Dec 11th - Team 6 Career work with Mr. Frint in science class (need computer)

Wednesday, Dec 11th - Wrestling at JCMS @ 3pm

Saturday, Dec 14th - 7th grade girls basketball at JCMS @ 8:30am

Saturday, Dec 14th - Wrestling at Topeka Seaman @ 9am

Counseling Corner with Frint

I cannot believe there are only 14 school days left! Where did the semester go?!? My plans for the rest of the semester involve being the classroom next week to talk about careers using the computer program Xello. Students will have the opportunity to take multiple tests that will involve their learning styles, a skills assessment and matchmaker test that will produce a list of jobs they may potentially be interested in. After the tests are completed they will research 2 jobs they have interest in to find out the amount of education, job market demand, etc. It will be a great time for them to be thinking about their futures and how they can start planning now. If after Thursday, December 12th you have questions about Xello or what to review what they have done give me a call or email and I can try to walk you through exactly what they are doing.

For the rest of the semester I will busy communicating with teachers and prepping for next semester which means schedules. Please know I have tried my best to met the requests your students have made but can't make promises I got every request honored as numbers were pretty tight.

Hoping everyone has a great winter break and I will be sharing what's on the horizon for 2nd semester in the January newsletter.