Differentiated Instruction for All

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What Differentiation IS and IS NOT!

There are numerous resources available online regarding Differentiated Instruction. As elementary teachers, you often ability group students so they can develop at a pace that is beneficial for your students. This gets a bit more difficult as students get older. Most often due to lack of training in these strategies in our colleges of ed for Middle and High School teachers.

This resource, Differentiated Instruction: Rethinking Traditional Practices, clarifies Differentiated Instruction from author Bertie Kingore, PhD. From the same website, Kingore also explains how to reach out and challenge our advanced/gifted/ESL learners in Differentiated Instruction to Promote Rigor and Engagement.

Dr. Kingore's recommendations can be used in a single classroom or across grades.

Strategies That Differentiate Instruction

This resource, On Target, borrowed from South Dakota and posted on the Kentucky Department of Education website, identifies several strategies that can be used to Differentiate Instruction for grades 4-12. Most can be adapted for younger learners as well.

Several times On Target cites a presentation from Carol Ann Tomlinson - a highly acclaimed authority on Differentiated Instruction. Included is a link to a presentation Tomlinson published after her presentation at the national ASCD Conference in 2010.

A special focus on Mathematics strategies for grades 3-6 is included in this publication, from Corwin Press.

Sites & Apps that Support Differentiated Instruction

Several sites and apps are listed and described in detail. Also included is the grade level that the site or app is recommended for. This is very comprehensive - along the line of the 101 Best 2.0 tools. You will find some duplications, but also many that are not previously mentioned!

25 Quick Formative Assessments for a Differentiated Classroom

I love it when publishers put entire books out there for readers to view. Snatch this Scholastic resource up before they take it off line. Good tools & useful resources!