By ~Gaby Nava Gonzalez


Containment did it work or not. In my opinion containment of communism did work because it did not spread to all of Korea only north of it. So it did work one it did not spread to all of Korea and it did not spread to the U.S. Mao Zedong , the long march, the great leap forward, the cultural revolution and Tiananmen Square had a connection to the rise of communism.

Mao Zedong


Mao Zedong was a peasant farmer that had enough money to go to school and for his nessecities. Mao Zedong became a member part of the CCP-The Chinese Communist Party who then came to be the leader of the Communist Red Army of 100,000 troops
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This is a picture Mao Zedong as you can see it looks like he is showing the way to the communist party

Long March


The long march helped the rise of communism because that allowed Mao Zedong gain to gain more power and help from other many peasant farmers. With thier help Mao Zedong lead the Chinese communist revolution after WWII. They also kicked the Nationalists Party out of China.
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The Great Leap Forward is in impact to the rise of communism because Chinese citizens that lived in rural areas or were peasant farmers were put to produce steel and work in factories. That was a benefit to them because they had a better life and would get more money. Since those people had all this benefits for them they were in favor of communist government in China so the movement of a communist government movement began.


Tiananmen Square

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I know you've heard of tank man before. If not tank man was a man who stood in front of a colum of fully loaded tanks on June 5,1989. He was courageous and was brave to stand in front of all those military tanks just for her beliefs. He would move to get in front of the tanks if they turned to the other direction he would go to that direction too
1989 Raw Video: Man vs. Chinese tank Tiananmen square
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Korean War!!

The Korean war was a war between North and South Korea. They fought over communism North Korea wanted a communist government meanwhile South Korea wanted a democratic government. They fought and the u.s got involved which they helped the south not become communism. Since Korea was not fully communist or fully democratic so they split korea into 2 north and South Korea and two totally different government systems they were split at the 38th parallel


The Vietnam war was a war to spread communism to all of Vietnam. At first it was in part of vietnam because it was 2 different countries that were split at the 17th parallel but sadly it spread to all of Vietnam. The U.S hot involved to this war but their help wasn't enough to stop the spread of communism even with the most advance military equipment.
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The U.S was involved in both wars the Korean war and Vietnam war. The U.S got involved in the Koran war and was helpful to South Korea because the U.S helped them get a democratic government system. But in the Vietnam war the U.S did not do as much because Vietnam became communist fully. So the involvement of the U.S was helpful to South Korea but not as much help to Vietnam.


In my opinion the containment of communism did work because Korea did not become fully communist. Also because when communism started there was many countries with a communist government but today in modern time there is only 5 countries with a communist government. So in my point of view the containment of communism did work.