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Due Dates

Classroom Date:

  • 10/16-Friday- Annotated text due (30 Points..10 annotations)
  • Almost daily we are required to assign 2 pages of look for that

November 2nd- BOOK REPORT DUE! (Hard may turn in early:))

Every Friday- AT (Annotated Text due) Story is assigned on Mondays

School Dates

  • 10/15/15- Drop in Conferences- We hope to see you there!
  • 10/20/15- Conferences by appointment!
  • November 3rd- End of Quarter- Grades are final

Narrative Writing Unit- What up with all the homework :)

What is this unit we have been working on. The students have started their first dive into the rigorous training of writing workshop. Each day we do lessons and then the students are asked to apply the lesson that night. For instance, we are working on adding dialogue.

Narrative writing is all about YOU! We spent the first week coming up with strategies on how to find "small moments" or parts of your life that you could write about. This is NOT an entire vacation. Nor is it a whole day. It is about 1 hour-ish of a story that can be clearly written about and told to the reader.

For example...we came up with lists for:

  • People that matter to us
  • Place that matters (neighborhood maps)
  • The First time...
  • The Last time....
  • Moments that matter because you learned or realized something! (hard work pays off)

Then....the students retell this event. This is not necessarily about organization...or structure because it should flow as the memory recalls it. I am truly impressed how far the students have come since the beginning of this! They are telling me it is getting easier...and yay for that. They also deserve a congratulations for putting up with me trying to figure it out :) They have handled gracefully when I have changed assignments last minute...or retaught mid-class. They are troopers!

If you have any questions or want to schedule time to talk more about this...please email me and we can set up at time!

Note From Mrs. Johnson


Please read the rest of the Newsletter for the academic know the "guts" of the classroom.

I had an interesting situation yesterday. I have been offering "Fun Lunch In" for the students for about three weeks. Usually I start the time with a TV show so the kids can eat...and not feel pressure to rush. We will then play games like Pictionary or other games. Anyway, one day I decided that I would do a "Conversation" game. I was just sort of winging it....but frankly wanted to hear the kids talking to each other.

I should back up. When I was growing up, one of the best pieces of advice I ever got from my parents was: Always be prepared with questions. If you meet someone new...ask them a question about themselves. If someone went on vacation...ask them a specific question about the trip. In fact they told us not to "steal" the conversation by jumping in with what I knew...or had done in my life.

SO this is the way I grew up...and I guess am today. I am naturally a question asking sort of person...and one of my joys in life is getting to know people. Ok...enough back fill.

Back to lunch in-

So I requested to the kids, "Talk at your tables. If you could go anywhere in the world...for one week...where would you go and what would you do?"

Well, immediately their hands went up to share with me:)

Which was I reworded " No, talk at your table and share with each other what you would do!".

No more than 10 seconds passed and hands were up. I was confused because I was listening...and I really heard a lot of people stating facts...but I wasn't even sure everyone talked.

So I said " Ok! If you are so ready, you will share with me what the person to your right said about their dream vacation."

Hands down...eyes down....then up. "Mrs. Johnson...we need a few more minutes," a few students muttered.

They ended up really listening to each other...and I even heard a few ask follow up questions (I'm sure it was because I was yelling these things from my desk ;)). If you haven't figured out...I really believe that part of my job is to help with the making your kids good productive people in society.

It would be cool if you have some time this weekend...maybe at a dinner....try this trick. Bring up a question, and ask them all to listen...then if they can answer questions about others at the table they win something :)

Or, never-mind all this stuff and have a great weekend :)

Thank you,



It is the students responsibility to check SKYWARD and EMAIL. I have been helping them put assignments in their planners...I will not be doing this starting next week. This is now their responsibility! Please encourage the use of planners...check them at home!!!

Check your Grades


Click here to go to email....remember you are Check it daily!

Reading Expectations!

It is expected that each student is reading a minimum of:

  • 30 minutes out side of my classroom.
  • This should be self-started...but obviously parents we welcome your encouragement too!

The brain is a muscle. And similar to our leg/arm muscles...we need to work and tone them to get in to good shape. Remember that it's not always FUN to workout (I am not a fan!) and your muscles

Late Work/ Retake Policy

Late work will be accepted up to two weeks after due date. There will be a 10% deduction of the score earned...will not go lower than a 70% in deductions.

It is your responsibility to see me or check your SKYWARD account to know where you are missing assignments.

Due to the Workshop and open flow of our classroom. Retakes are NOT available in our class. I am available as we work on projects everyday. Also, rubrics are available and I am always available after school for extra help. It does not work in life...or reading, to "redo" something because we didn't do it correctly the first time!

Please see me if there are extenuating circumstances. Thank you!

Inspirational Friday:

You may have seen this floating around. Another "Shouldn't judge a book by it's cover" Lesson! Please watch...and talk about!
"ความจริงที่ไม่เห็นด้วยตา" Official HD : โดย กล้องวงจรปิด Vizer (vizer cctv)

Funky Friday

One of my favorite things during the week is Funky Friday. At the end of the day we ALL do a just dance video. This is a reward for an awesome week. It is also expected that EVERYONE at least stand up and tap their foot :) If the class does not want to participate...we will easily remove this from the schedule! Start practicing at home!
Just Dance Greatest Hits - Kung Fu Fighting - 5* Stars