Ripon Cathedral School Update

Week ending Friday 12th April 2019

Wishing you all a very happy easter

It has been another busy and eventful term. The children have really worked hard and made the most of the wide range of learning opportunities that have been planned for them.

Over the last half term we have explored with children what Easter is and how it is a time of reflection, hope and celebration. For Christians, the full Easter period lasts for a long time as Easter officially starts with Lent on Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter Day. It officially ends 49 days after Easter Day with the Christian Festival of Pentecost or Whitsun, when Christians remember that God sent his Holy Spirit to help Christians. So Easter is a very busy time!

I hope that this Easter you get some quality family time, have opportunity to share Easter traditions and take a moment to reflect and consider the true meaning of Easter and the hope that it brings.

Have a wonderful Easter break and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday 29th April.

Kind regards

Steven Holmes- Headteacher

Easter service

We had a wonderful Easter service to conclude our term. Canon Ailsa explained how eggs are a symbol of new life and represent the stone that rolled away from Jesus's tomb. Eggs can also give us surprises when cracked open! One egg that she had was completely empty just like the tomb!

The children sang Easter songs and Singing Squad performed a wonderful reflective song reminding us about the meaning of Easter.

What a busy term - An overview of learning in our Ambassador Update

Eggtastic easter egg competition

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What an amazing array of entries we had for our annual egg decorating competition, this year on the theme of stories. Truly eggcellent!

The major of Ripon had a very difficult job in choosing the winners from each year group as the standard was eggceptionally high!

A BIG WELL DONE to everyone who took the time to enter.

The Friends of the School would like to wish all families, staff and the school community a very Happy Easter. See you next term for the Duck Race, Summer Fair and plenty more activities!!

Year 3 Go back to the stone age

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Year 3 went to Murton Park to visit a stone age village and we had the chance to live the life of a stone age man/woman.

When we arrived we met a lady called 'Bird,' who showed us artefacts and tools from the stone age and she explained how periods in history developed, such as the bronze and iron age.

We were called the wolf tribe and we put green marks on our faces to show that we belonged to the tribe. We went to the village and we got to do jobs that stone age people would have done. This included making pottery and using the quern to grind the wheat into flour so that you can make bread and beer.

We also did hoeing and hunting. We hunted for boar and bears which we would cook on our fire. So that the animals would not smell us, we would have to roll around in animal dung (they didn't actually make us do this!).

We did super cave drawings and we identified historical objects from the stone age, thinking about what they are called, what they were used for and also what they were made of.

At the end of the day we had a story about a traveller who went up a mountain in the stone age who was found in the ice by Germans. This meant that historians could learn about what his life was like.

It was the best school trip ever and we learnt a lot!

By Jonty, Olivia and Isaac

Reading Leaders!

We are delighted to share some exciting news - we have three Reading Leaders in school! Hannah, Eva and Eddie have all gained their Reading Star and Reading Champion badges and this week were rewarded with their Reading Leader badge! As well as being able to choose a book of their own to take home, they will be invited for hot chocolate with Mr Holmes as a special reward.

One of the challenges for the Reading Leader badge is to have a book review published - our first ones are below. Have a read: perhaps they will act as inspiration. As they are now reading leaders, these three children are perfect people to ask for a book recommendation too!

We now have over 60 reading stars in school and hope for EVERY child to gain this award by July. If there are any aspects of the challenges that you are not sure about or are finding difficult, please send a message to the class teacher or Mrs McCormick and we will do our best to help.

There are about 25 reading champions too- these children get to choose a book for their class library. Well done to you all

Book Reviews

'Isadora Moon has a Sleep Over' by Harriet Muncaster

I've enjoyed reading a lot of Harriet Muncaster books and I've loved this one. This is one of my favourites.

Isadora is different because she is half fairy, half vampire. She is excited about having a sleepover at her friend Zoe's house and having a midnight feast but she went to sleep before midnight.

Isadora and Zoe are entered into a cake baking competition at school so they used magic to make the cake but Isadora got angry.

This book is amazing and is an easy reading book for any 6 year old to read. They are well written with lots of lovely pictures.

Eva Year 2

'The World’s Worst Children 3' by David Walliams

The World’s Worst Children 3 is a great fiction book. It is a comedy book and is the funniest book you could read. I love that it includes very silly pictures too.

In this book there are characters who are all the world’s worst children. They each have their own little story with funny titles to go with them like Bonnie Bossy Pants, who got her name by bossing everyone around. She even bossed her mother and father around. Also Fanny’s Funny Faces who got her name by pulling funny faces. She had so many faces up her sleeve to do at any moment. There is also Boastful Barnabus, who got his name by boasting about everything he had. He came from a very posh family and he had to boast about that too. Last but not least: The Terrible Triplets. These boys got their names by one of them picking their nose, one of them picking their ears and the other one picking his belly button hair. They all ate it, but something happened to them when they did this. What happened? You will have to read the story to find out.

This book is written by David Walliams and is illustrated by Tony Ross. They are both very talented people so I would highly recommend you read this book.

Hannah Year 6

'Fortunately The Milk' by Neil Gaiman

The fantastic book that is ‘Fortunately The Milk‘ is a superb novel that finds the ultimate contrast between child’s comedy and an adventure story.

Built with humour and love, the story tells of a father’s fantastical adventure through the past, present and future.

Dad, the lead character, is a foolish but funny parent, who has a tendency to tell the most remarkable of tales to excuse his absence.

His remarkable adventures all stem from the simple cause of retrieving one small bottle of milk to please his children. He puts his life to the test at many times but fortunately, the milk always survives.

The author’s writing shows knowledge of and passion for the characters at all times. Written from the point of view of the eldest child, the emotions emitted throughout the story are all from the same root of disbelief and utter bewilderment. The sentence structure ranges from one or two words when characters are experiencing incredible occurrences, to long over-complicated quotes from Professor Steg.

Through his adventures, Dad experiences many strange phenomena, meeting the strangest of characters getting into some very tight fixes through time and space.

Eddie Year 6

Superstars of the Spring Term 2019

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Well done to all our Superstars!

It was fabulous to celebrate such excellence and amazing effort! Great role models within our school.

Spring Term Superstars

Reception - Danny

Year 1 - Ariana

Year 2 - Starla

Year 3 - Artie

Year 4 - Zoe

Year 5 - Nikola

Year 6 - Max

Congratulations Mrs Elcock!

We were thrilled to receive an email from Mrs Elcock this morning giving us the news that she gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy on Monday. We are all looking forward to meeting Joshua in the summer term!

Group Photos

We hope you have enjoyed seeing your class group photograph. Orders will be due into school during the first week back after Easter (we will confirm the exact date by text nearer the time) or you may like to check out the online ordering system instead, which we have been assured is easy to do!
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Oscar's Easter Greetings

Oscar's is open next week on Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th April. A full day costs £20 and half days (9am -1pm or 1pm - 5pm) are only £15. The link to the site is found below. Just use the email address you provided to school for your first parental contact as your username, and click forgotten password if it is your first time to use the site. If you are finding it difficult to access the booking site, please email

Dates for your diary......

Monday 29th April - School opens for the summer term

Monday 6th April - School closed for Bank Holiday

Wednesday 8th May - Reception visit Hackfall Woods

Monday 20th May - Y5 visit 'Big Write' workshops

Wednesday 22nd May - Duck Race 5pm Fishergreen

Friday 24th May - Break up for half term, 3.10 / 3.15pm

Tuesday 4th June - Y2 visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Wednesday 5th June - Y1 visit Harlow Carr

Saturday 22nd June - Friends' Summer Fair

Monday 24th June - Y6 visit Bewerley Park

Tuesday 16th July - School Production, 6.30pm

Wednesday 17th July - School Production, 1.30/6.30pm

Friday 19th July - Break up for Summer holidays, 2pm

Message from the Friends

Happy Easter! We have had a busy term including a disco, quiz and this week's Easter events. Thank you for all your support. See below for even more happening in the summer term!

Duck Race: Save the date!! Wednesday 22nd May will see our annual duck race on the Skell. Meet at 5pm by Fishergreen bridge.

Summer Fair: Saturday 22nd June will be our summer fair. A fantastic family event open to the whole community: Bar, BBQ and bouncy castle plus many more stalls. Details nearer the time. Our thanks also to Michael Williams, Director at Hambleton Roofing who have kindly provided generous sponsorship to support the fair.

That's all for now, but if you have any ideas for future events or you want to help us out, please let us know - email or send us a facebook message Thank you.

Community Events