Bulldogger Tech Talk

December 3 - 9


POWTOON In The Classroom (FREE)

11 Quick & Amazing Ways to Use Powtoon in Your Classroom

Discover 11 ways that Powtoon can be used to integrate technology in the classroom,

1.Red Carpet Intros: Introduce yourself in the most glamorous and unique way possible…

2. Mission Impossible Template — Spy music and hi-tech theme turn any assignment into a secret mission (where your students are the heroes)

3. Five Facts Template —

Get your class focused with a checklist or countdown, (the most popular template for learning a new subject)

4. School Rules Template — Lay down your classroom rules in an unforgettable way!

5. Show Them How – The students become the educators and create How-to videos to explain a topic, highlight results or summarize large assignments!

6. Book Report Template — Typing up a book report is lame, becoming a storyteller and movie producer is awesome!

7. Blue Sky Template – DIY meets education! Use this template to help students imagine the future, create a blueprint where wishes can materialize!

8. School Syllabus Template — Ease tensions and peak interest by introducing your course syllabus in animation (the non-threatening medium

9. Summarize a Topic — Repurposing a work template for school!

10. Commercials — This totally original Powtoon takes you on a tour of a Plant Cell Amusement Park

11. Year in Review – Celebrate accomplishments, milestones and… graduation

Google Tips and Tricks

Here's a little Google tip for the week. Google has created a new shortcut to open new docs, slides, forms, and sheets. There is no longer a need to visit the waffle and search for the app you want to use.

Now you simply have to type doc.new, forms.new, slides.new, or sheets.new in your address bar and you'll immediately open a new document! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

We had the opportunity to hear Adam Bellow speak at Encyclomedia last week. He had some great things to say. I hope you enjoy his words as much as we did!