Lauren Mitchell

Australian Olympic Gymnast

First 5 Questions....

1. How old were you when you started gymnastics?

2. Who was your main role model as a kid?

3. What motivates you when you may have lost or got placing that was disappointing?

4. What is your favourite section in gymnastics?

5. When was the time you were most nervous before a routine?

Last 5....

6. Has there ever been a time where you thought you wouldn't end up as a gymnast?

7. Is there any particular gymnasts that you are really close to?

8. You won 4 gold medals at the commonwealth games in 2010 at Delhi! How does this feel?

9. Do you like Martine George and Nikolai Lapchine as your coaches?

10. What other activities do you enjoy?

2010 Commonwealth games

Lauren Mitchell 2010 Commonwealth Games Floor Team Final

Balancing to Perfection

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The Perfect Pink Star

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