A New Government

Annalise Ptacek

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Articles of Confederation

The articles were bad news! They had extremely bad ideas like each state having its own currency and army! They didn't even have a national court system. The states had way too much power and the government didn't tax them. There were a couple positives to the articles, like The Ordinance of 1785, which came up with a way to survey the land. Another positive was the Northwest Ordinance, which outlawed slavery the new territory. As you can see it was time for a new form of government.

Shay's Rebellion

Daniel Shay was a Revolutionary War hero! He came back from serving his country to find that the new government was trying to take away his farm! He was not happy. He led a group of fellow farmers to a federal arsenal and they stole a bunch of weapons. They were quickly stopped by troops, but they set off a lightbulb that a new government was needed.
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