Giant Chinese Salamander

They Are Weird Looking Animals

Giant Chinese Salamander

Chinese Salamander Are Ugly Looking Fish In Hong Kong.

Chinese Salamander

The Chinese Salamander Is Close To Hong Kong

Thursday, March 10th, 9pm

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They Are slimy weird big salamanders.
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Giant Chinese Salamander

They Are Some Ugly Cretatures.

Giant Chinese Salamander.

The Giant Chinese Salamander is the world's biggest ampibian it is endemic to Rocky mountain.Stream and Lakes in China it has been listed as one of the top focal species in 2008 by the evolutionarily distinct and globaly endangered project.

Giant Chinese Salamnder.

It has a large head, small eyes, and dark and wrinkly skin. Its flat, broad head has a wide mouth, round, lidless eyes, and a line of pair tubercles that run around its head and throat. Its color is typically dark brown with a mottled or speckled pattern, but it can also be other brownish tones, dark reddish or black. Albinos, which are white or orange, have been recorded. All species of giant salamander produce a sticky white skin secretions that repels predators.
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Why they are endangered

The Chinese giant salamander is listed as Critically Endangered in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species because of an observed drastic population decline, estimated to be more than 80% over the last three generations (since the 1960s) due to over exploitation.
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people should not eat them.

They should not eat them or kill them so we can still see them in the future.