Over Fishing

Human Dependence



52% of fish stocks are fully exploited

Over 25% of fish are over exploited or depealted

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Negative effects

Affected wildlife

All aquatic life is affected by over fishing. It starts with humans fishing to many of one species. Then the fishes prey will grow to large and affect the whole ocean.

Regions affected

Areas most affected near North America

The region most affected by over fishing is off the coast of the Boston up to Southern Canada. The fishing only takes place only around 100 miles off the coast.

Does this affect us in League city?


Because this effects the whole world. If we fish a species to extinction eventually we will kill all the fish and which will kill coral reefs. Also plankton and stuff that provides us with oxygen.

Who or What causes this to occur?


The truth is we are digging our own grave. Humans are fishing off populations of fish so much that it will mess up the balance of the Oceanic eco-system.



The truth is it would be very hard to find a solution to fix this issue. If we were to make a solution we would put lots of people out of buisness. But we can give companys fishing limits.

My Solution

I have an idea that we can set a limit to how many fish the company can get. And all the fish not sold will have to be paid for by the company. This will cause companys to throw away less fish because they wont want to lose profit.
Overfishing - The consequences
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