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Never used smore?

Smore is an enjoyable website which allows you to create a newsletter efficiently and then send or share them by emailing (printing is optional as well)! Even if it's your first time you will understand how to operate the functions easily as each function is clearly labeled.

Choosing your style could never have been easier! Especially as you can choose your background design that suits you and making it more funky to work! Decide the font of your writing and the colour of the flyer background. Although writing isn't the only thing you can do as you can add pictures or even videos to make your newsletter more intriguing.

When you're finished just simply click the Done Editing button and choose if you prefer to print it or share and email it on social networking websites like Facebook and twitter. It's easy as that!

I personally recommend it as it's quite effortless and you get work done. Although there are some functions that are not included in the website so if you want to produce a newsletter by a programme which involves more options then smore isn't always the right website to use. However if you want a simple flyer then smore is the website for you!