Carpet Mold Removal

Various Types Of Carpet Cleaning Services

The choice of what cleaning method is suited for your carpet depends on the amount of foot traffic the carpet suffers. The proper selection of cleaning method is really important because it also relies there the longevity of the carpet’s life. This is the reason why hiring a professional is needed instead of attempting to clean the carpet alone. Most companies offers four cleaning methods: shampooing, foam cleaning,steam cleaning and dry cleaning. No matter what method is conducted, all carpets must be cleaned will be vacuumed thoroughly. To elaborate more, here is a short description about them.

Carpet Shampooing

This is consider as the least effective method. It uses special detergents that are shaken into a machine before applying to the carpet. The shampoo is then removed from the carpet using a vacuum. The detergents used have deodorizers and brighteners that makes the carpet looking great and smelling fresh.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

It is a cleaning method cross between dry cleaning and shampooing. It utilize less amount of water and foam detergent that attracts and stick fast to the soil. Just after the foam is worked into the carpet, it is completely vacuumed, taking out more water, detergent and dirt.

Dry Cleaning

This is the most preferable method since there is no time wasted for waiting the carpets to dry. This is conducted by concealing the carpet using a special cleaning powder which is created to attract dirt. When the carpet is completely covered by the powder, vacuum it thoroughly.

Steam Cleaning

Also called hot water extraction and is known to be the most effective cleaning method. Professionals utilize machines that applies a solution of hot water as well as detergent into the carpet. The machine extracted the mixture making the carpets smelling new and eliminated microbes.

With all of this cleaning methods, your carpet will surely be restored to its finest condition. Just look for a reliable company and you will not regret on what you are going to pay for. To hire a professional carpet cleaner, you need to visit here!