Wendish culture

by: Anand Singh

Why the Wendish people would emigrate

The Wendish people lived in Prussia which was dominant with Germans. The Wendish culture was decimating because many Wendish people were converting into the German way of lifestyle. In fact, many German leaders at that time ordered Wendish churches to close down and ordered more catholic churches to be built. The Wendish people didn't like that and they wanted religous freedom.

Settlement patterns in Texas

The Wendish people came to Texas because they got many "glowing" reports from Wends that had already moved to Texas. Wends had to work in labor in Prussia but in Texas they got to work for their selves. In Texas they didn't believe in having one faith. That was the most important reason why the Wendish people came to Texas. They wanted to spread the Lutheran Faith. Plus, Texas had really good farmland. Which meant money for the Wends. The Wends came through the port in Galveston. Then they moved to a town called Serbin. Serbin still stands today with very few Wendish descendants.


Traditional folk dresses

Significant People

Johann Dube and Carl Lehmann purchased acres of land for the Wends to reside in. If they hadn't bought this land, the first Lutheran Church of Texas wouldn't have been made. Killian was the pastor at the first ever Lutheran Church. Killian, Dube, and Lehmann built the school called St. Paul. The, many followers of these three leaders did the same thing by buying a lot of a land and starting up churches. They built over 600 new Missouri Synod Lutheran churches.

Trivia Questions

Why did Wendish brides wear black dresses?

Was dancing, wearing bright colors, or secular singing considered inappropriate in the Wendish culture?

Did the Wends come to Texas before or after Texas got annexed?

To represent the grief and hardship of marriage.

How has the Wendish people affected Texas?

They have affected Texas in a good way. They built up Texas's education system with all of their outstanding schools they built including St. Paul and the Lutheran College in Austin. They created a post office in Serbin and they created one of the busiest railroads in the state of Texas. They also brought with them their unique culture of easter eggs, wood carving, Wendish noodles, and many more.

Is Texas better because of immigration?

Texas is a whole lot better because of the immigration of the Wendish people. They made Texas's education one of the best in the country. They brought in their unique culture of art, music, and festivities. Without the Wendish people I don't think would be where it is today.


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By: Anand Singh Tx History Period 3 Wendish