Should people be allowed barefoot?

By: Carlee Pruitt

Do you like smelly feet while your eating?

I have been raised as its not polite to be barefoot when you are eating especially while you are at someone else's home, or when you are eating in a public places its just not mannerly. It would make an uncomfortable dinner, when the person next to you has theses really smelly feet and you are trying to enjoy a nice dinner.

So many diseases can be spread.

Imagine walking down the street today, in the city there is garbage all over, might i add and its not all friendly food garbage. There is broken glass and sadly their is a possibility of stepping on a needle. And when and if that were to happen you could be facing serious disease that could lead to death in some cases.

Would you really want to clean constantly?

When you are barefoot your feet become dirty, then you walk inside and track in dirt that eventually has to be cleaned. This would be a constant problem of having to clean off your feet and floor, or when its muddy outside and those few people who don't want to wear shoes go in and out it will create a headache.