Sir Walter Scott


The genre for the story is historical fiction.


The theme of this story is that you can't force love upon someone. If someone doesn't love you back there is only one thing you can do and that is be their friend. Women are not a possesion they are real people with real feelings.


The protagonist, Ivanhoe, is a mysterious knight that showed up to a jousting tournament without an invite. He did not want to show his face because his father was at the tournament. He did not want his dad to see him because he had fallen in love with a far distant relative that Ivanhoe's dad had thought of as a daughter. His father, Cedric of Saxon, disinherited him because of this act and Ivanhoe was kicked out of Saxon. Ivanhoe joined the tournament to show his loyalty towards Saxon and his father.

Maurice De Bracy

De Bracy was the antagonist for capturing Rowena, the love of Ivanhoe's (and De Bracy's) life. He took them to a Norman keep as bandits so he could rescue them with "Bravery" but instead he decides to tell Rowena that it was a disguise when he gets to Torquilstone. He then keeps Rowena, Cedric of Saxon, and everyone in their group. De Bracy keeps Rowena there so he could force her to marry him or he would kill her father and TRUE love.

Main Character

The main character was Ivanhoe and he shows an act of leadership by ordering an attack with Robin Hood and his clan to take down the imposters while on the way to Torquilstone(page 120). Ivanhoe shows loyalty to the Saxons by jousting in the name of the Saxons(page 58). Ivanhoe displays love for Rowena when he pronounces her the Queen of Beauty and Love.(page 72)


The Setting took place in England during the medieval times when the nation was influenced on Monarchy.(At least more than they are today)

External Conflict

The conflict of the story is Ivanhoe trying to retrieve the captives from the Normans who were disguised as thieves. There was also an internal conflict with princess Rowena choosing to marry Maurice De Bracy to save her father and love, or to not marry him and her loved ones are tortured.


The climax of the story is when the princess and the king are captured by Normans because of love.


The problem is solved by the black knight, a man who helped Ivanhoe in the jousting tournament sends a letter to have another duel to the death with De Bracy's accomplice. An imposter shows up to the joust and the black knight bursts through the castle with battle axes and hundreds of warriors from Saxon to retrieve the royal family.


I loved this book but there were more characters that I did not put on the smore but they did not play a big role in the book. I was interested in the story and the part where they use brute force to invade the castle.