Location and Physical Features

By Alora Ager

Weather and climate

The northern parts of the southeast have to typically warm summers and cold Winters. Southern Florida is mostly warm and wet all year. The Southeast is known for having many thunderstorms all year long. Most of the Hurricanes that happened below for the Atlantic and Gulf waters.

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Mountains and rivers of the southeast

The application mountains are the only mountains in the southeast.They are 1,500 miles from Canada to Georgia. In Virginia they are called the Blue ridges ridges. The highest point in 6684 miles high. One of the rivers in the south is the largest river in the US and is called the Mississippi river. it is approximately 2340 miles long and outflows in the Gulf of Mexico.It is in parts of Louisiana , Mississippi , Arkansas , Tennessee , and Kentucky. Another river is the Cumberland River which is approximately 687 miles long.It outflows in to the Ohio River. There is a 68 foot waterfall that next to Cumberland River and is one of the very few places that you can see a moonbow rainbow. There is also the Arkansas river.

Bayous of the southeast

There are many bayous in the Southeast.The most popular ones are the ones in Kitty Hawk North Carolina.December wet season here.There are a lot of marshes near the bayous.Most of the Bayous are over the 100 feet tall. Outer banks are by water and they naturally make soft sand.The first-ever airplane flights were at Kitty Hawk.There are so many thunderstorms in the wet season, that by June the bayous are underwater. And the last fact about the south bayous is that they are the tallest natural sand dune in system in the eastern US.

photo credit http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/File:Floodislewight.jpg