One of the thirteen

Tie your shoe strings

In 1948, Mahlon Haines built a huge shoe in Hellam, Pennsylvania. The shoe was a home in which he let elderly couples stay. It had three bedrooms and a kitchen. The elderly couples were treated to a cook, chauffer, maid and an automobile. Haines paid for it all. Till this day it is still open for tours.


My new voyage began when my good friend William Penn. He promised me self-government, freedom of religion, and reasonably priced land. In 1681 we arrived to Pennsylvania which I found in Greek It means city of the brotherly love. I loved how our houses were far apart so fires would not spread easily. I felt a little safer Since Penn created a harmonious relations with the local Indians. I started noticing that a wide variety of Europeans were coming to our colony. Allot of them spoke different languages and practiced different religious. I loved how we all lived where we wanted and how we wanted. I noticed Penn was getting frustrated because, that was not his plan. He wanted cohesive, hierarchical society. I had to work hard to pay back the captain for the cost of him bringing me to Pennsylvania. I did not like that the colony when they passed laws recognizing slavery. They said that slavery could happen in the colony. I questioned its morality and I was not alone with questioning it. We were growing very quickly and we were making allot of money. I loved the freedom we had but, sometimes it was too much.