I Volunteer As Tribute

Joe Ballard-District 4

General Information

I am from district 4. Our industry is fishing. I was introduced to the industry when I was very young at the age of 4. After being at sea for many years I am very strong tough from having to lug the nets of fish and crabs for all those years. Our district has miles and miles of coastline. It has beautiful beaches although I have never seen one personally.

In the Arena

I will be wearing an anchor necklace to represent my district as my district token. My skills include martial arts, fishing, knot tying, heavy lifting, and hunting. My experience with nets and fishing makes it easy for me to set traps to catch small animals. My weapons of choice in the arena would be a bow and arrow and knives. I would like to make an alliance with the remaining tributes from districts 1, 2 and my fellow tribute from district 4. The tributes from these districts seem to be the most strong and skilled.

My Life

As you know I have spent most of my life at sea aboard fishing boats. I am raised by my mother and step-father. My dad was aboard the boat when I was very young. A bad storm was approaching, but my father didn't know, because the radio was broken. It hit all the sudden and most of the crew was able to get out, But my dad couldn't and went down with the ship. Ever since I have wanted to win the games for my dad and for my district. The last couple of years we have been struggling to get by. I need to win the games even more now to give my family a better life.

Opening Ceremonies

All 24 of the tributes will ride in on horses. President Snow will be speaking from the balcony. Please be there to witness I'm sure you will be thrilled to scope out me and my competition. The costumes will be mind blowing. I'm sure you will love the experience.