WMC Library Renovation Committee...


Getting Started

You have been selected to participate on the West Morris Central Library Renovation Committee! Please click the blue button below to confirm your interest and availability.

If you confirm, you will be contacted shortly with information about our first meeting. Thank you again for your time and interest.

Space Matters: Designing a High School Library for Learning

If you have the time, please read Space Matters: Designing a High School Library for Learning, This article from Educational Facility Planner, does a great job describing the five main library design elements and how they apply to high school libraries.

Sharing Ideas Visually

A Live Pinterest Board in the Library

Pinterest will be a great venue for searching and collecting our ideas. Please view some of the inspirational library images that we've collected on Pinterest so far. Here's the Link.

There will also be a "live" Pinterest board in the library for committee members to share any interesting images they come across.

Libraries of the Future: Tod Colegrove at TEDxReno