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Region Contract is way Past Due

7th and 8th grade students need to complete the "All-Region Contract".

I sent them home with students at the beginning of the year.

You can find it on Schoology, the choir website ( or below. Print it out and send it to school with your student.

Poinsettia Pizza Party

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 5-7pm

3603 West Lake Houston Parkway

Houston, TX

All students who sold ONE poinsettia OR donated is invited to our Pizza Party! We will have a movie and board games with lots of pizza :)


MEN: Something Salty

WOMEN: something sweet

All-Region Sectionals - Done

The students know their music and we will no longer be having scheduled sectionals. If students want help with Region music or music from class they will sign up for a time before of after school. The sign up will be outside my door weekly.

Christmas Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, 7pm

3803 West Lake Houston Parkway

Humble, TX

Because of the unavailability of venues, Winicki and I got a church to host us on the 3rd instead of the 10th. Any questions or concerns send me an email or text!

Christmas Caroling

Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 8am-4pm

3500 Garden Lake Drive

Humble, TX

Choice men and women will be caroling at the elementary schools and business'/retirement homes around our community.

Parents will drop students off at Bear Branch and a bus will take us to the rest of our destinations.

More details to come!

Poinsettia Pick-Up

Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 1-7pm

2701 Kingwood Drive

Houston, TX

I will give exact pick up times when it comes closer.

Nativity Performance

Friday, Dec. 6th, 3pm

4021 Deerbrook Drive

Houston, TX

During school event! More details to come.

All-Region Auditions

Saturday, Dec. 7th, 7-9am

12525 Ella Boulevard

Houston, TX

THEY ARE EXPECTED TO STAY ALL DAY, or at least until they have auditioned. We will not know when they will individually be done until the day of.

PLEASE let me know now if your student is no longer participating OR has a conflict.

Thank you!

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