The First Thanksgiving of 1621

2nd Grade Research Project

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Non-fiction Books

Online Sources

National Geographic Kids

Read an article about the First Thanksgiving to learn more about Native Americans and the settlers.

World Book Encyclopedia

Read an article about Thanksgiving Day then and now. A username and password is required to login.

Plimoth Plantation

  1. Read about the Thanksgiving tradition.
  2. Learn how to talk like a Pilgrim!
  3. Explore the Thanksgiving interactive to learn about the culture and daily life of the Wampanoag and Pilgrims.

Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving

  1. Hear about the journey on the Mayflower.
  2. View a Thanksgiving Feast slideshow. Click the audio buttons to hear text read aloud!
  3. Compare and contrast the daily lives of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians. Explore topics such as housing, clothes, food, chores, school, and games. Click the audio buttons to hear text read aloud!
  4. Take virtual field trips to Plimoth Plantation to learn more about the Mayflower, a Pilgrim village, and a Wampanoag homesite.