June 2013 KUDOS

Celebrating the LaCocoDots Team Successes!

Summer is Here!!

Summer is definitely a business changer for us! For some of us we have MORE time to work our business...but others it's quite the balancing act with kids at home, camps, pool parties, vacations and MORE. The LococDots have jumped into summer with some incredible trunk shows, amazing sales, strong team building, new stylist launches, stack your rewards earnings and even some pretty awesome Pop-Up Shops all over the U.S. Congrats to a great kick-off to summer!

Top in Retail Sales

Congrats to our top seller for June- Alissa Turnbull! She figured out the key to booking in June is... it's the same as booking in all other months! She built her trunk show schedule up even as the month went on and sold over $7,000 in June compared to $1500 in June of last year. She even held a trunk show in NY! Congrats on continuously building your business and always learning more!!

Alissa Turnbull SMYRNA GA 7224.00

Lindsey Hermida Smyrna GA 5148.00

Carolyn Barnes CUMMING GA 5116.00

Roxanne Harrell Chicago IL 4531.00

Susan Carruth Morganton GA 4210.00

Jenny Harper Scottsdale AZ 3609.00

Ashley Bardash Macon GA 3062.00

Amanda Shaw Franklin NC 2811.00

Karla Woods Chattanooga TN 2743.00

Shana Haag Milton GA 2741.00

Allison Walker Canton GA 2484.00

Kathleen Barnes Atlanta GA 2474.00

Christi Turner Cary NC 2317.00

Top Sellers for Second Quarter (April-May-June combined)

WOW!!!! These amazing stylists sold their hearts out this quarter!!! MAJOR KUDOS!!! These numbers are so impressive!!!

Susan Carruth 17,297.00

Lindsey Hermida 15,905.00

Carolyn Barnes 15,056.00

Alissa Turnbull 14,655.00

Brooke Nix 14,345.00

Ashley Bardash 12,153.00

Welcome New Stylists!!!

A big warm welcome to all the stylists who joined us in June! We hope you love your new adventure and we can't wait to help you!

Nicole Lester, sponsored by Stefanie Edwards

Amanda Stevens, sponsored by Brooke Nix

Donna Barr, sponsored by Lindsey Hermida

Haley Everett, sponsored by Olive Hebert

Heather Rogers, sponsored by Ashley Bardash

Tessa Hollingsworth, sponsored by Ashley Bardash

Kelly Adams, sponsored by Carolyn Barnes

Debbie Kuhn, sponsored by Tiffini Alexander

Sheila Rose, sponsored by Jenny Harper

Carrie Floyd, sponsored by Susan Carruth



The Glam Getaway Incentive Challenge ended on June 30th and we had a record number of stylists earning Level 1 and above! Congratulations to everyone for aiming high and accomplishing more than you may have even thought possible!! A special KUDOS goes out to our two Trip Earners (Carolyn Barnes and Lindsey Hermida) - we can't wait to hear all about Mexico! It's a huge honor and showcase of your hard work, consistency and drive to succeed!

Summer Inspiration

New Stylist Spotlight

Allison Walker joined Stella & Dot on May 27th. She had a plan to succeed when she started, and she jumped right in!! She quickly figured out how to maximize her jumpstart and her earnings so she could turn a lucrative business from the very beginning. She was able to hold 4 trunk shows in different social circles in her first thirty days, AND exceed her goal of 1500 PCV in June in order to take advantage of the 5% volume rebate and increase her free credits with the Stack Your Rewards incentive. It wasn't easy to get those four shows booked in tight, hostess coached and executed in such a short time, but Allison was determined! Even with a canceled show along the way, she amazingly beat her goal and will have 8 or more shows by the end of her jumpstart!! She has such a positive attitude about each customer and transaction, and has a very bright S&D future! In June, she earned $650 in free product credits, plust hostess rewards from her own show, all while setting herself up for a fantastic June! She's done this as a newbie, has two small (and adorable) kids at home and helped her mother through a surgery- there's no special secret. She wanted it and she went for it!! She got a few "no's" and "maybe-laters" but she focused on the good and look where she ended up! Congrats to Allison on an amazing start to your business! Enjoy the success!

Seasoned Stylist Powers Up for Summer

Julie Foster, Star Stylist, joined in December 2010. She's achieved great success in Stella & Dot, several times over... earning the iPad challenge, promoting to Star, leading with consistency, etc. However, she found herself in a bit of a booking slump as summer began and felt as though her HDYK list had run dry. Giving up was not an option for this SAHM who chose being a stylist over her desk job after she had a baby! She's learned that being held accountable and setting small achievable goals in order to reach one huge goal works for her... so she made a plan with those things in mind. In early June, she had ZERO shows on the calendar for as far as the eye could see. She totally revamped her WDYK list and it included some loooong shots and customers she hadn't reached out to in ages... but, she started making phone calls (for real) and working through that list. Making phone calls was a bit scary at first, but she got the hang of it and within two weeks, Julie had added SEVEN shows to her trunk show calendar! She's added even more since and says she feels excited and confident about the months to come. Going to HOOPLA with a strong trunk show calendar puts you in a fantastic place to launch the new collection with excitement! This seasoned stylist is back in the saddle and taking NO'S with pleasure, because she sees how many YES'S she's collected along the way!! Kudos to Julie and her courage to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen!

Katy Barnes, Independent Stylist and Director

LaCocoDots Team