By David A

Why I Moved West

I was born in a small village at Old Piqua in Ohio. I loved it here I had my whole family next by my side. My father was a very important man in my village he was a Shawnee chief. My older brother started showing me the skills of a woodsman, hunter, and warrior. This made me able to go hunting on my own and bring back anything to give to the poor in my village.

Definition of Manifest Destiny

I don't like the idea of these settlers moving over to our lands and claiming it to be theirs. I had to fight and fight from the settlers taking whats ours. I lost my brothers and my father against them and that motivated me to try harder as a leader.

Where I Settled

i decided to stay where it all began in Ohio.
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"War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let's give them all they want."

Challenges I Faced During Expansion

I had to face many hardships throughout the settlers expansion. I lost most my family to them with and there guns. Our bows and arrows were no match for them they still had us at the end of their barrel in many battles.
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What I hoped to achieve; My Hopes and Desires

After all, the settlers were people with humanity and deserved to be respected. All I wanted was for everyone to get along and unite together to create a loving place to live.
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Fleischer, Jane. Tecumseh Shawnee War Chief.