Atmocean goes Indiegogo


Financing the 1st array!

We’re happy to announce the launch of our Indiegogo crowd funding effort! With the success of this project, we’ll not only be able to deploy our first fully functional array, we’ll be able to prove the potential of wave energy as a viable, clean alternative energy source for the world to see!
Check out our project here!
Opening up a new clean energy market will have lasting effects for years to come as new wave energy projects are launched around the globe. Additionally, we now know the oceans are becoming choked with plastic. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade – going from big chunks to small pieces to micro-plastic. The latter are most harmful to ocean life as they get taken up by the food chain and are often fatal to seabirds and sea life. By pumping a steady flow of seawater to the onshore turbine and generator, Atmocean is able to filter out small plastic particles before the seawater drains back into the ocean. Voila! Clean energy and a cleaner ocean!
Atmocean wave energy - launches indiegogo crowdfunding for pilot array!

Introducing sustainable energy solutions

» Using waves to pumps seawater to shore for electricity generation (safe for environment);

» Ability to filter seawater of micro plastics as it flows back to sea;

» Ability to use seawater for desalination instead of electrical production as needed;

» Proving potential of wave energy to world w/ ~3.7 terawatts global potential;

» Deployment possible at US west coast to South America to UK to South Africa to Australia;

» System is simply to manufacture and therefore can be made locally.