Sadie Robertson

Living Original


Sadie is a 18 year old, who was born to Willie and Korie Robertson. Who star on the A&E show Duck Dynasty. She is involved in many activities outside of the television show. She was on dancing with the stars, plays sports at her local high school, designed a Sherri Hill dress line, speaks out for her faith and values, and wrote her book Live Original.

Duck Dynasty

Sadie has appeared in many of the episodes of the eight seasons of the show Duck Dynasty. Acting on this show has lead to other acting jobs in Christian related movies. Also helped get her career started from there. She went on to Dancing with the Stars.

Live Original Live!

After the success of her first book Sadie set out on a live tour talking to huge amounts of people. During the tour she talks about "living original" and also had many guest speakers as well. Some being her brother John Luke and his wife Mary Kate, Reed and Cole Robertson, and the Bachelor couple Sean and Catherine Lowe.