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Weekly information for Bear Tavern - September 25, 2015

Note from the Principal

Happy Friday Bear Tavern Staff,

Please see the "information" section below for some important updates.

I had a great week this week, and there was one thought that really had an impact on me - the importance of momentum. How can momentum affect us in school? There are going to be times when the world around us feels like its moving really fast. I had that feeling on Tuesday morning. There were a few events/situations that frustrated me and I could feel the day heading in a rough direction. But all of the sudden, I received a piece of good news, then I called a parent for a Positive Student Referral, then I heard about a grade level that worked hard to come to consensus and to work together, then I spent some time in the lunchroom, and I had a great conversation with a teacher. Before I knew it, I was smiling from ear to ear and ready for anything.

The point is simple. Momentum is critical and we can help create momentum for ourselves and for other people. We all have good days and bad days - that is normal. But we have the power to reverse a 'funk.' Sometimes we can do it by ourselves and sometimes we need some help. We never know what the people around us are going through, so being mindful of having a positive impact on everyone is important. A kind word, a smile or a positive attitude can make all of the difference.

Try it today - If someone asks how you are doing, say something really positive. Work to do something really helpful or give a compliment at some point in the day, then just sit back and watch. I bet it makes a difference.

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend!



Special Reminders & Upcoming Dates


  • PLC Start - We will begin PLCs on Monday. The coverage schedule is here (PLC COVERAGE). I spread the coverages out as evenly as possible. Please note the days from last year have changed. They are in line with the days of the other 3 elementary schools. If there are any coverage issues, let me know. I tried to free up basic skills/special ed teachers to be available to participate with multiple grade levels with which they worked, but that wasn't always possible. Every basic skills/special ed teacher is available to participate in the PLC of the grade that she primarily works. In the event of a split of time, I had to choose one PLC for coverage purposes. See me if there are any problems.
  • Principal's Cabinet - We had a really productive meeting on Thursday. Moving forward we will be meeting the first Wednesday of the month at 8 am. If we need additional meeting time, we will utilize the third Wednesday. The notes and minutes will be attached, and will be one running document that will always be in the same place. Please see the attached notes for ground rules and goals for the group. Please see your representative for more information. I'm looking forward to all of the great things that we are going to do this year - PRINCIPAL'S CABINET NOTES.
  • HALLOWEEN - *Important* It is coming before we know it. Please see the attached survey (it is quick, but important). Once everyone takes a crack at it, I'll send follow up information. HALLOWEEN SURVEY
  • TROUT - So you have seen the empty tank for a week or so. We will be participating in the Trout in the Classroom program. On October 7 we will be receiving between 200-300 trout eggs. I will be working with 4th grade classes to be the point people and "care takers," BUT there will be an opportunity for ALL classes to observe and incorporate the trout into their instruction and routines. It is a fun way to teach students about observation and a number of other topics. I'll send information throughout the process, but want to give you a heads up. The PTO was wonderful in supporting the set up. We'll be applying for grants to offset the cost and to expand (possibly into shad)...
  • Follow up on the Internet - I spoke to Chris A. If you have individual connectivity problems in your room, please put in a help ticket. They may be able to boost the signal in your area. Follow up with me if you are having any issues, I want you to be able to utilize the tech tips that we share, etc.


  • Don't forget emergency plans
  • Remember to 'post' lesson plans after they are written


Wednesday 30-Sept - I&RS meeting (rotating teachers through w/ a sub) to update on prior cases

Friday 2-Oct - Emergency Sub Plans (guest teacher) due

Friday 2-Oct - Reader's Breakfast

Monday 5-Oct - Tier 3, WIN begin

Wednesday 7-Oct - Picture Day

Wednesday 7-Oct - Principal's Cabinet

Thursday 8-Oct - Picture Day

Monday 12-Oct - PD Day

Wednesday 14-Oct - Grade Level Meetings

Friday 30-Oct - SGOs due and entered in OnCourse

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Preparing a Classroom Culture for Deeper Learning

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Organizations like NASA, National Geographic, Discovery, etc. are great to follow. They have great pictures and information. Sometimes having students caption pictures or using them as a 'starter' writing prompt can be fun and effective. The link in the tweet below is
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Summary of Responses from 5 Word GPS Activity:

Created using the website (if you are interested, you can use a variety of shapes or upload your own - I just updated a black and white copy of a bear claw image)
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