Tiger Family Newsletter Sept 7-13

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

This last week our superintendent announced that we will be moving into a hybrid model of instruction. Why? Well, keep in mind that as we moved to Distance Learning, he shared that the district will continue to monitor the situation and if public health guidelines allow, we would be bringing back students to campus. Recently, our county moved from Orange to Yellow or Phase 3 to Phase 2 which means that we are moving in the right direction with viral containment and treatment. This allows us to bring students back to campus as long as we can operate within the safety guidelines.

What are some of those guidelines and what will it look like when students return? The largest hurdle is the recommendation to keep 3 feet of distance between students when they are in the classroom. My understanding is not that students will remain 3 feet apart at all times, but rather, that their "stations" or desks be 3 feet apart and that they will be encouraged to remain in or at their desks (they can, of course, stand up, walk around their desks and around the classroom). Of course, students will at times come within 3 feet of each other, but the health department has said that exposure is "remaining within 3 ft for students and within 6 ft for adults for periods longer than 15 minutes". This means that school staff will be reminding students to refrain from hugging, hovering, and staying close, but children will still be allowed to move about the classroom, interact with one another, and most importantly, receive their instruction from a teacher and not a screen.

Another safety measure we will be taking is to keep students in cohorts. This means that they will come to class and remain in the company of their classmates throughout the day. They will stay in their class "group" during recess and have a zone on the playground in which to play as a class. They will eat lunch in the cafe with their class and be dismissed to the bus or parent pick-up as a class as well.

With these safety measures in mind, the district believes we can bring back our smaller sized classes (Kindergarten through 3rd-grade) 5 days a week. These K-3 classes have 24 or fewer students in them. Classrooms will be reconfigured to take out unnecessary furniture and maximize spacing for desks/tables. For 4th and 5th-grades, since classes are usually larger than 24, we may need to have students come to school on an A/B schedule. In order to know if that must be done, we must know how many students are planning to remain on Distance Learning.

As you can see, this is a lot to process, a lot to plan, and a lot to get done between now and September 21st, the date the superintendent set as our return to school in person date. You can help us prepare by making sure that we know your intentions about returning to school or choosing Distance Learning. Last week, I reached out to all of the families who had indicated they wanted DL when we first returned to school in August. If you did not return my email or phone call and wish to communicate your preference, please do so this week. If we have connected, there is nothing further you need to do.

Thank you for reading these newsletters, answering your phone and email and staying in communication with us during this time of constant change. Your children, their safety and their education are most important to us at EESD and to me personally as principal of Shasta Meadows. My goal is to communicate what I know in the clearest way possible and to operate with your child's safety and educational needs as my highest priority.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

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Mrs. Mix's Newsletter for Families

Here's the link to our Counselor's Newsletter. I think Mrs. Mix must be a mind reader because this week's encouragement is about how positive self-talk can help our children (and us) thrive in challenging times. Our brains believe what we tell them. Let's teach our children to tell themselves GOOD THINGS about themselves!

ACE Tutoring Program

We are here to help support you and your students during these unpredictable times. We will be providing an after school support program to help assist students here at Shasta Meadows. Students should bring their Chromebook, school supplies, and assignments to work on for about 45 minutes. We will provide support and a quiet, cool environment. We will also be offering 45 minutes of enrichment time for students during these sessions. We will be hosting daily sessions starting September the 8th. Please sign up and we will let you know if other spaces are available in the future. There will be a 30-minute gap between sessions so all high contact areas can be cleaned to ensure students' safety. Students and staff will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing. If your student is in 2nd-grade or below they will not be required to wear a mask, but it is strongly requested. Please fill out one form for every child you would like to attend. Thank you!

Here is the link to sign up.