The Hunting Ground

This film was made to raise awarness for other victims.

Andrea Pino and Annie Clark

Andrea and Annie both attended UNC where they were sexually abused. UNC did not do anything when the girls brought this to their attention so, they decided to take this to their own hands. That's when they learned about Title IX, and began to help others come out with their stories as well.

Defining the Purpose

The purpose of this film is to raise awareness, and to bring security to others so they can open up and feel safe about telling people what happened to them. It's hard to talk about but more people need to tell so these students that are sexually abusing others can get arrested. I also shows how hard people fight for so long, they don't give up to get justice even if it is the hardest thing to do.

Victims of Sexual assault

Achieving the Purpose

This film used a lot of testimonies to explain what they went through and what ended up happening. I think by dong this people can relate to it more and be more cautious. Most stories said they knew the guy that sexually abused them because they were "good friends" for a while. It makes you realize you have to be careful with everyone. People you've known your whole life to random people next to you at the bar. The statistics they showed were the best part, it shows you how much the schools actually care but expelling 5 students when there was 120 students accused.


This film is something everyone should see, people should talk about this way more and show this in every school. This helps young girls fight and not hide, it's nothing to be ashamed of, they should get justice for what happened to them. And that's what this film shows, to fight and to never give up. Not ever story ends well but you have that backbone to lean on.