Positively Excited About Learning


Volume 1 Issue 3 March 19, 2015

PBL Spotlight

7th and 8th grade PE students were actively engaged in their PBL - So You Think You Can Dance? They were challenged to design a dance routine that could be used for exercise. Students had to think about target heart rates and how different dance moves impacted their heart rates. Students choose their own high interest music and could do live or taped performances for a panel of outside judges. It was exciting to see students take ownership of creating their performance and step outside their comfort zone sharing with others.

High energy and engagement!


Ms. Sparks' Consumer & Family Science students tackled the challenge of designing a new local business. Students took their ideas all the way to the development of a business plan and a presentation of their final design. Students had a great opportunity for real world feedback embedded in the learning, meeting with community members with expertise in city planning, business operations, real estate, and marketing.

Students shared that they loved the challenge of creating something unique from scratch and learned a lot about what it takes to have a successful business in their community.


Ms. Hatcher and Ms. Robertson's seventh grade LEAP students participated in a learning experience about the Holocaust that was also designed to challenge them to think about other social injustice in the world. Students focused on the question - What is the message I will carry into my own life and to humanity about who I am, who I must be, and what my responsibility is to one another? Students had the opportunity to choose an event or situation they believed to be social injustice, conduct research, and create a virtual museum of their findings and their perspective. Relevance and meaning were unique for every learner!

Invitations to parents and the community provided a very authentic audience for the kids to share their work!


Ms. Killian, Ms. Hausmann, Ms. Baxter, and Ms. Robertson's sixth grade ELA students engaged in a PBL that allowed them to practice their writing skills by connecting to their own experiences at Lamar and sharing with a real world audience. The sixth graders wrote and illustrated ABC books with advice on how to succeed in middle school. They read their books to visiting 5th graders and then gave the books as a gift.

Our sixth graders had some amazing advice and the experience allowed them to use their writing in a way that was meaningful to them and helped others.


Learning Can Happen Anywhere!