For those who only look at dance

Kyle Leon program also worked on lower body shrinks waist. Part of the dance moves performed a little slower, smoother, but here you can introduce elements of eccentricity, for example, to the jazz walking.

In order to feel confident, learn to wield the body to develop its flexibility must learn to do nice rotation of the hips, multiple waves, light stroking, right conduct body bends. This will teach strip dance - a different kind of aerobics. Here you can learn the individual elements of striptease, learn plastic, move, as well as learn the basics of dances of the peoples of Latin America, because all this is combined in this form.

For those who only look at dance aerobics, you should pay attention to the funk aerobics, which has a lower level of intensity. It uses small dashes, multiple turns, mandatory calf raises, like spring movement involving the hip, knee. This type of plastic promotes hands. Besides strengthening and spine, and thus increases the body's vital energy, reduces the degree of possibility that the disease may occur back.

Kind of dance aerobics - hip-hop movement has borrowed all those who love to dance in the streets. Here classes are more intense and are associated with the implementation of bouncing different steps, jumping movements. Due to this well enough developed the largest muscles, improves posture, and ways to reduce body weight.