CCMS Weekly

May 3, 2016

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don't tell you what to see." Thanks for all you do every day.

Upcoming Events

CIP: May 9th

We will meet in the auditorium briefly at 2:55.

May 11th: 7/8 Concert

May 13th: Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Sponsored by the PTO, in the Library.

Chrome Book Carts and Labs Not Available

The Carts and Labs will not be available due to STAR testing from May 16- June 3. This may (will) be adjusted as we go.

6th Grade Advanced and Accelerated Applications

Applications are due back 5/13.

May 18th: 5/6 Concert


Chrome Book Carts

Please make sure chrome books are stored safely and neatly every day and every period. Please plug them all in every night and make sure they are all taken care of for the next person who uses them.


If you aren't feeling well please call in ASAP to AESOP. We are very short subs every day.

SLOs and Refusals

Two documents have been shared with you. The SLO calendar and the Refusal document. Please check the refusal document against your records or notes you have previously received. We handled hundreds of letters. It's always good to have someone double check your work.

Grade 7 Math Field Test

We have been selected to administer the Grade 7 Math field Test. More information to follow.


Please logon to your TEACH account to verify your information. We will be answering questions on Monday at CIP. Please log on to

You can also call 518-486-6041. Help is available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


Just a heads up: You will be receiving information from Tina in the next few days about TSDL (Teacher Student Data Linkage). Please check that info out as soon as you get it, verify it and get it back to us. Touch base with Tina if you have questions.

Microsoft 10 Update

During the summer, the Technology Department will be updating all of the computers in the District with the following software:

- Windows 10 Operating System

- Microsoft Office 2016

- Smart Notebook Version 16

There is a lot more functionality with these programs though the look and feel of the programs have not changed drastically. We want to make sure that everyone has plenty of time to experience the upgrades to the programs listed above. Therefore we will be installing a couple of computers in the teacher's faculty lounge in each building in the beginning of May. These computers will have the Windows 10 operating systems installed along with Microsoft Office 2016 and Smart Notebook Version 16 ( We are currently working with Smart for trial licences of version 16, as soon as we have the licences we will install it on the test computers). The computers will be available until the beginning of June for anyone in the buildings to use and experience all of the new upgrades. We will have "cheat sheets" available on Google Drive that will be shared with all staff during this time. Also, Keith will be available as well. During the Summer and Fall we will look to implement Professional Development for these upgrades as well.

MyLearning Plan

All conferences in MLP that you are requesting the district to pay for are now frozen. If it is a training you have been asked to attend please touch base with me.

Stepping out of our Comfort Zone Contest

Congratulations to Heather Campbell for being April's winner. Heather took charge with a product issue and ended up getting some complementary materials for her troubles for the classroom. Check your mailbox this week Heather!

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