Stop the Killer Plant

Water Hyacinth

Natural Resources

  • Natural Resources - Part of the environment that supplies material for the survival of living things.
  • Nonrenewable Resources - a natural resource that is used up faster than it can be replaced.
  • Renewable Resources - a natural resource that can be replenished by natural processes at least as quickly as it is used.
  • Inexhaustible Resources - a natural resource that will not run out.

Water Hyacinth - Threatening our fresh water natural resources

What is this Natural Resource Killer?

Ponds, lakes, and other fresh water bodies are filled with organisms that require oxygen. These organisms are a renewable resource. Life within these bodies is being threatened by a killer. It is a plant called Water Hyacinth, an invasive plant that covers the lake surface and depletes oxygen from the water. Unfortunately this kills the fish and other inhabitants that depend on oxygen for survival. This is referred to as a "fish kill." There can even be so many plants that it blocks water flow. The plant is native to the Amazon and has began to invade our fresh water waterways.

What Can We Do?

Protect Manatee because they feed on Water Hyacinth.

Introduce Chinese Garp and Talapia because they also feed upon this invasive plant.

Educate the public to recognize and report the plant early.

Rake and physically remove from water.

Chemical control - has not been very effective

Continue to research ways to deal with the Water Hyacinth.

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Five Fun Facts Discovered during my Research

  • Manatee eat Water Hyacinth
  • The Water Hyacinth depletes oxygen and kills fish
  • Water Hyacinth came from the Amazon
  • It blocks the sunlight from getting to the plants
  • It only occurs in fresh water