Girl Online

By Zoe (Zoella) Sugg


Girl Online is a story about a teenage girl who lives in Brighton, UK. When she was little, she was in a car crash where she, and her whole family, made it out safe. Penny is still haunted by the car crash and it caused her to have horrible anxiety. Penny and her best friend, Elliot, take a trip to New York where her parents will be hosting a wedding event. While her mom is getting the wedding ready, Penny catches a boy named Noah playing the guitar on the stage in an empty room. Penny and Noah start to get close, but when Penny finds out Noah's secret, will their relationship last?


The majority of the novel takes place at Noah's house in New York, where Penny, her family, and Elliot will be staying after the wedding in order to host a New Years Eve event. Since Noah is a fairly well-known musician, he lives in a pretty big house. Since it is Christmas time, there are also a lot of Christmas decorations and lights all around. They all also spend a lot of time at the Waldorf Astoria, which is where the wedding is held. The Waldorf Astoria is a famous high-class hotel in New York with lots of suites like the one that Penny stayed in.



Rising Action

The book starts out with Penny being the photographer for her school play, a modern twist on Romeo and Juliet. On the night of the play, Penny gets up on the edge of the stage to try to take a picture, but stumbles and falls and flashes her underwear. Unfortunately, someine catches it on video, and Penny's "friend" Megan put the video on FaceBook. Penny was devastated and luckily, the universe came to the rescue.

Rising Action

Since Penny's mom is a wedding planner, a couple in New York flew out Penny, her parents, and Elliot to New York for a week so they could plan the wedding. While in New York, Penny caughtes Noah playing the guitar in an empty room and they become friends. Noah takes Penny to his dad's underground restaurant, which is his favorite place that he has never taken anyone before.

Rising Action

After the wedding, Penny is sad that she has to go home, but amazingly another family in New York wants Penny's mom to organize a New Years Eve party so they all stay in New York for another week at Noah's house with his grandmother and sister.


Penny, Elliot, and Penny's family have gotten back home to the UK, and Penny's finds out that she is all of the news and gossip websites only to find out the Noah has been cheating on his girlfriend, singer/songwriter Leah Brown, with her! Penny took this very hard because it meant the Noah had lied to her the whole time about being single and felt awful because she had been portrayed as the bad guy on the news. Also, people find out that Penny is Girl Online because she writes about Noah (with the fake name "Brooklyn Boy") on her blog.
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Falling Action

Penny is furious because she assumes that Elliot must've leaked the story because he was the only one she told about being with Noah. But when she tried to text Elliot, he doesn't answer.

Falling Action

Penny has to face going back to school after winter break is over. This means facing everyone that saw the embarrassing video of her, and all the angry Leah Brown fans. But, when she gets there, no one says a word about anything to her. When Penny has some free time in class, Amara and Kira (two girls that go to her school) came up to Penny and ask her about what's been going on. It is revealed that Amara and Kira love Penny's blog and that they will be her friend.

Falling Action

Elliot finally gets to talk to Penny and he says that his phone was taken away, so he couldn't text her and that he wasn't the one who leaked the story. So, Penny figures out that Megan was the one who did it, and Penny and Elliot stand up to her in the JB's Diner.


Noah surprises Penny by flying out to Brighton, UK to talk to her. He tells her that he never liked dating Leah Brown and that it was all fake for publicity. Noah and Penny make up and people finally stop cyber bullying Penny. :)