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SOAR is an acronym that stands for Stand Out And be Recognized. This is a special incentive system where students will be recognized and given a ticket when they have gone above and beyond, making good choices as well as putting effort into improving behaviors. There will be lockboxes to house these tickets and will frequently draw winners. As stated, this is a way to really recognize students that are good citizens and self-directed learners.

We will be recognizing students according to Wredlings "Guidelines for Success" I can: Be responsible, be respectful, be positive, be honest, be kind, persevere.

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Replenishing Supplies

We're in a unique situation this year where we can not have shared supplies. It would be extremely helpful for you to check your child's backpacks.

Things that we are noticing that many have but some don't are:

* Colored Pencils (preferred over markers)

* Pencils

* headphones

* scissors

* glue

General Notes About Technology

School wide expectations

1. Use your computer for academic purposes only

2. Stay off of your computer during your lessons unless asked to be on it.

3. Stay off of non-academic websites in class.

Examples of Technology Violations

Game playing

Online Shopping

Chat rooms & websites

YouTube surfing

Google surfing

Music without permission

Changing your wifi settings

Blocking Haparra

Creating a hidden screen

Using your personal account

Deleting assignments in Classroom

Signing a student out of his/her computer

Messing with another student’s computer

Using your phone as a hotspot

Subject Updates - Language Arts

6th grade Language Arts students spent last week participating in a writer's workshop to craft their Quarter 1 Book Review. Time and attention was allotted to each step of the writing process, and various supports were provided to ensure students' success. Each aspect of the book review included a corresponding graphic organizer, model, and opportunities for peer/teacher feedback prior to submission on Google Classroom. A few students have not completed all components of the Quarter 1 Book Review. This assessment is worth several grades in HAC, and with the quarter quickly coming to an end, it would be so helpful if you could offer any support to ensure this is finished before Friday, October 16. Your support is greatly appreciated! With this first major writing piece in our rearview mirror, our focus has shifted back to literary elements, with an emphasis on character (traits, characterization with the S.T.E.A.L. method, and types of characters). Unit 1 is approaching its midpoint, and information will be shared soon regarding how to prepare for part 1 of the Unit 1 Reading Summative Assessment, which students will complete within the first few weeks of quarter 2.

Subject Updates - Math

Math update - We began Unit 2 this week - Introducing Ratios! All students should be bringing their Unit 2 workbooks to school. Unit 2 Learning Logs are now on the 6th Grade Hub for parents to view. We will be exploring recipes, paint mixtures, and more as we learn how to write ratios and find equivalent ratios. All Unit 2 work will be on 2nd quarter grades.

Accelerated Math has the Unit 2 test on the RADAR next week. Students that have NO problem with RATIOS compared to those that struggle is about 9:1. Students, keep your eyes on the Learning Logs as we move from Double-number lines to Tables and also look for additional study links for practice!

AT/Infinity Math: During Unit 4, we are reaching 95% understanding. There are fun and challenging problems still to learn. This unit, especially the Interest portion, is one of the MOST real world, and important, units that we teach. Kids start to understand that $50.000 in student debt costs A LOT more than $50,000.

Subject Updates - Social Studies

Our Chapter 2.1 and 2.2 assessment has been posted in HAC. Grades are a means of providing students and parents feedback on progress and achievement. Sometimes one test on one day is not an accurate measurement of that achievement, so students are given opportunities at times to make corrections or do retakes. For social studies, retake opportunities are provided for the assessments. Directions are posted in Google Classroom for students to complete independently and in a timely window.

We are starting a two-week project on the Paleolithic and Neolithic Age. Students will highlight the differences between the two eras and create a movie highlighting those differences. The video editing software that we are using is WeVideo which will allow students to be creative and innovative in their final product.

Subject Updates - Science

We are continuing our discussion of the nervous system. Last week, students made observations on the effects of stimuli on blackworms. This week, we tested our own nervous nervous system by observing our sense of touch using a 2-point sensor. We collected data individually and shared our results as a class. Our guiding question for this lab was: How does your brain gather and synthesize information from sensory receptors in your skin?

Learning Logs and Agendas

Most teachers have made available to students a learning log or agenda slide. This is a comprehensive, running record of all the activities (both in person and asynchronous work) that students are completing. These documents are made available in Classroom and on the 6th grade Hub. Students can use this to verify the work that they are completing and/or access missing work from days they are absent from school.

Creative Writing Club - Wredling Writes/ Fiction on the Fox

What is Wredling Writes?

Wredling Writes was created so that students had a time and place to create and express our ideas through the written word and write about whatever you want. It's a club for students who are passionate about reading and writing stories.

What do some of the people write?

Some kids like to write short stories, others are working on long chapter novels. Some kids want to work on poetry and others on song lyrics. Last year we had a group of kids write a play that was later made into reality by the Wredling Drama club. You can write whatever you want to write. We have high school students and teachers who are available to give you feedback and inspiration for things to write about.

What makes Wredling Writes fun?

High school kids help facilitate the club. They create games and mini lessons to help us tap into our creative potential. We laugh and joke and even have some inside jokes.

What's new this year for Wredling Writes?

This year we're going to be holding our club remotely. We are also going to join up with Thompson Types and hold our meetings at the same time. If you have a friend that goes to Thompson, consider joining together, and have that opportunity to socialize with our cross-river friends.

What's next?

The Google Classroom Code is 4btcmps. Our first meeting will be Thursday, October 15 at 3:40 - 4:40 PM. Use the code that generates on Google Classroom.

Questions, Concerns, Things You Want Us to Know??

This year, students will be challenged to grow in many ways and if they are willing to work hard, you will love the direction that this journey will take. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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