All About Lauren Robinson!

By Tia


Lauren was born and raise in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She turns 18 July 22, CANCER/LEO? She has 3 older brothers. Her favorite place to eat at is Pf Changs&'Red Lobster. Her favorite food is French fries and Mac & Cheese! Black, white and pink is Lauren's favorite colors. "I know I'm gon' get mine more than I get got tho" is her favorite quote by her favorite celebrity Marshawn Lynch. Her favorite place to visit is Atl & Orlando. In her spare all she likes to do is sleep and for fun she likes to be annoying to other people.

Fun Facts!

Dream Car

BMW All Black with black rims

Future Kids?

Boy & a Girl on purpose 1 baby unPLANNED. One son named "Phillip"

Future Plans?

Attend ODU, go to the entertainment industry, & Be the next Yandy Smith;

Favorite person to be around


Favorite song

Bound 2 By Yeezy

Place you always to visit


One thing you wanted to do

Old school kind of school

What you look for in a Guy?

Nice, sensitive, athlete, wide receiver, brown skin,

What you do with 1 million dollars?

Open chick fila, and make more $$$$$