Sig at Columbia

News and views from SIG's 1st session at Columbia University

Greetings from the beginning of Week 2 at SIG!

The first week positively flew by; some of the activities students participated in over the past several days included:

  • Competition in which counselor groups made and presented banners that showcased their group's identity
  • Trip to the American Natural History Museum and Times Square
  • Catered cookout-style meal to celebrate the 4th of July
  • Movie night, in which counselor groups were given the opportunity to choose the film they watched
  • Brain Bowl, SIG's camp-wide quiz show
  • SIG Mini-Olympics
  • Activity in which counselor groups dressed up their counselor as a super hero, complete with name and back story

For senior campers, a highlight of their Senior Privileges was the opportunity on Sunday night to have an off-campus meal at their choice of restaurant on Broadway.

Looking ahead, we have a full roster of activities:

  • Presentation on the college application process
  • Reverse Scavenger Hunt
  • Broadway Shopping Night on Wednesday, in which students will have the opportunity to visit the Campus Store and other establishments near campus
  • Minute to Win It, based off the game show of the same name, on Thursday
  • Long-awaited Six Flags Friday Get-Away trip
  • Friday evening movie
  • Casino night on Saturday
  • Student Talent Show on Sunday evening, after a day with plenty of opportunities for students to relax and recuperate from the busy week.

Please enjoy a selection of photos from the past week below; feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and have a wonderful day.

All the best,

Jon Fuller
Student Activities Coordinator