Wind energy

By Anjali Timilsina.

What is Wind energy?

Wind is an amazing source of energy. It is power full, naturally available and will never run out. Wind energy can be used to generate electricity through wind turbine. Have you ever seen a wind turbine? They work in much the same way as windmills do, but much taller, with long blades similar to an aeroplane propellers.

What is wind energy use for?

Wind energy is used for electricity,this is how it goes. When the wind turns the blades of a windmill, it spins a turbine inside a small generator to produce electricity.

Where does wind come from?

Wind is caused by the heating of the earth surface by the sun. During the day the air above the land heats up faster than the air above water like oceans and lakes. The air above the water is cooler and heavier. So it make wind.

What is good thing about wind?

The wind makes electricity but the other thing is the wind makes sail boats move. We use lots of thing that needs wind in our life.

Does wind energy makes pollution !

No ! The wind does not even make a little pollution at all. It does not harm anything.

What part of the wind turbine makes electricity?

The important part is when wind turns the blade and the machine inside makes the energy that makes electricity. So the part which makes electricity is the blades and the machine.

Did you know!

Did you know that when we are travelling in an aeroplane the aeroplane is actually moving by the wind.