Lincoln Instructional Technology

Weekly Update 11/14/14

Important Information & Reminders

  • I will be out-of-district Monday and Tuesday for the Midwest Google Summit. I am can't wait come back with ideas for our classes!
  • The next Tech-Tuesday session will be December 2nd.


**Acceptable Use Policy

Students are getting into the Task Manager of their Chromebooks and "ending" the tasks for SecURLy (our filtering system), and Hapara, causing them to be disconnected from your Hapara Dashboard and giving them free reign to play on games and sites we have blocked.

Lincoln Tech Team Suggestions:

  • Remind students of the policies they agreed to!
  • Have students restart their Chromebooks at the beginning of class (this only takes 8 seconds!). If they drop from your Hapara dashboard during class, you can be confident they are ending the Hapara task.
  • If you are confident that a student is consistently exiting our systems, please send them to Tim or Tony, as this is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and the Chromebook Pledge they signed.

Gmail for Students: December 1st (more information coming soon)

Blocked YouTube Videos

With the "safety mode" that is in place, we are forced to use work arounds to open up videos to kids that are incorrectly blocked. The current work around we have is to use TubeChop to clip the first second of the video and then share out the new "link" to students. It is not ideal for large numbers of videos, but is our best option at this time. Here is how to use it:

If you need help doing this, please let me know, even if it is to just help you save time!