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•Remember how time-consuming, difficult chores? Well, this house will take care of it all! It will guarantee a happier life with more leisure time. It will allow you to spend more time with your friends and family. This house can clothe, feed, bathe, cook, iron, comb har, brush teeth, paint, sweep, give what is needed, tie shoes, play, rock to sleep, and sing for you and your family!
•You know how after those long, tiring workdays, you just want an escape from it all? This very household contains a room that gives it to you! Inside the nursery, you can think of anything at all and -bam-it appears right in that very room! It's very useful when it comes to a quick getaway vacation. Also, it's a lot of fun for you and your family!


This is an example of a delicious meal served buy this house. The meals here are so scrumptious, restaurants wont be needed so much anymore! The food is also quickly prepared, and it sets up the table too just for you! Once you buy this home, you will be saving time and money!


In the nursery, go ahead and imagine anything such as let's say, "Alice in Wonderland." the amazing features and technology of this very house will make it pop right up, and it will look so real, you wont believe it!

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The price: Only $30,000!!!