NFV Update

June 15, 2022

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With the closing of the 2021-2022 school year, we begin looking forward to the next year.

At the time of writing, the USDA has not reauthorized free meals for every student for the upcoming school year, as it has offered for the past two years. We are making plans to move back to the method that was in place previously. Families that show financial need through the Free or Reduced Meal Application may be eligible to continue with subsidized breakfast and lunch. Those that do not qualify will need to pay for meals. We encourage all families to complete the application.

The West Union Elementary HVAC project will be finished before the start of the school year. Between labor shortages and shipping delays, this has taken a bit longer than anticipated. We are excited about our updates and look forward to modernizing all of our facilities.

Online registration will open on Thursday, July 28. In person registration will be held at each school on Monday, August 1 (2pm-7pm) and Tuesday, August 2 (7:30am-11:30am). We ask that everyone completes this registration by August 15, so we can finalize plans for the upcoming school year.

The first day of school is scheduled for August 24. To see the 2022-2023 school calendar please visit our website at

Thank you for your ongoing support for North Fayette Valley!

Joe Griffith, Superintendent

Bike Rodeo!

The West Union Police Department organized a bike safety training for all of our Kindergarten-3rd grade students. Students learned how to safely navigate streets on a bicycle. This included direct instruction and the opportunity to practice in a safe, controlled environment. All participants received a free bike helmet, sponsored by West Union Police and NFV Community Coalition. Thanks to all for making this possible.

FREE Summer Meals

TigerHawk Meals is up and running again this summer to provide FREE meals for anyone 17 years old or younger. Summer meals will be provided at two different locations: Bethel Presbyterian Church in West Union and at the Wadena Library. This service began on June 6th and lasts until August 12th. The US Department of Agriculture’s COVID-19 grab-and-go waiver ended June 30th, 2022. This means all meals will need to be eaten on site and can not be taken home for the remainder of the summer. This is a decision being made by our funding agency and not TigerHawk Meals or the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.

The West Union Meal Site will be providing lunch only moving forward. We will still serve out of the basement of the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Monday through Friday, now opening at

11am and closing at noon. Any youth 17 and under are welcome to come and eat their meals

in the dining room. Board games and activities will be available for those joining us. Check out our Facebook Page, TigerHawk Meals, for updates and menus. ALL youth are welcome! No sign up is required.

The Summer Backpack Program will also be available out of multiple locations this year. Each

backpack will contain two breakfasts, two lunches, and two snacks. All backpacks are child-

friendly, nonperishable foods, and easily consumed. Each child can pick one backpack up

weekly. All are welcome and no sign up is required!

Locations and times for self-pick-up:

Bethel Presbyterian, West Union (11:30am-noon M-F)

Fayette Library (1pm-3pm, M-F)

Hawkeye Library (11am-2pm T,W,Th)

Clermont City Hall/Library (1pm-3pm, M-F)

Elgin Library (1pm-3pm, M-F)

Wadena Library (11:30am-noon, M-F)

If you have any questions, contact the NFVCC Youth Development Coordinator, Allie Ney, by

calling 563-426-5055 or by emailing

TigerHawk Meals is a partnership of the NFVCC, NFVCSD, Bethel Presbyterian Church (West

Union), libraries of Hawkeye, Fayette, Clermont, Elgin, and Wadena, members of the

community of Wadena and the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. Funding for this program is provided by the USDA. TigerHawk Meals is an equal opportunity provider.

Cyber Protection Agent

One of the many successes, we have had over the past year, is the cyber security competition.

In the last few years, there has been a cyber security competition called CyberStart America. It is a free online game for high school students that provides a fun, accessible gateway for high school students to explore their cybersecurity skills, and learn about the cyber industry and careers while pretending to be a “Cyber Protection Agent”.

There were over 4,000 schools across the country that had students sign up to participate. The CyberStart Challenge went from October 27, 2021, to April 27, 2022. If a student scored over 20,000 points in that time, they became a National Cyber Scholarship Semifinalist. Across the state of Iowa, there were 12 such finalists. Going into the last few weeks, NFV was tied with another school for the most semifinalists. In the final days, NFV secured its 4th semifinalist, which led the state of Iowa. I believe some have been asked to submit an application to become a National Cyber Scholarship Finalist. This process is new this year and we have yet to see how it turns out, but some may be offered scholarships.

Here is the list of the NFV students who reached the NCS Semifinalists status:

Kyella Frieden – 20,550 points

Levi Danker – 22,450 points

Alyssa Bohr – 23,100 points

Kiley Krivachek – 29,700 points