classes of the Industrial Rev.

made wealthy middle and upper class and a poor lower class

Upper class

The upper class benefited a lot from the Industrial Revolution. They were usually estate owners ,factory owners ,or rich nobles. They lived on the countryside were they ate well and dressed well.

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The Middle class

The middle class was mostly wealthy people.They were factory , mine , railroad managers or owners. They could also be merchants lawyers or doctors .They lived in nice neighborhoods with less disease. They also formed schools and libraries to educate the lower class.

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Working class

the working class benefited the least in the industrial revolution.They all worked in factories or coal mines. They got paid more than farmers but their working conditions were way worse. They usually lived in big families cramped in small rooms in tenements that were unsanitary.

The classes

The Industrial Revolution had many good affects and bad ones.For example it created a new wealthy middle class and helped the upper class. Though it also made a poverty stricken lower class.