Ice Bucket Madness!!

Raising Money For ALS.

The fun challenge.

Many people have been posting videos and photos on social media.But do you actually know why people are doing this? Its not just fun and games , its for a very good cause raising money for the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or motone nueron disease). This diease has no cure yet. Thats why were all helping out. Motone nuerons are cells in your body. For some unfortunete people these cells are disfunchional. This disease can leave the body parsalised. People with this disease find it difficult to grab and things. No one knows how or why this disease starts. Othe past months the ALS company have raised millions of dollars so they can research. If you did the challenge it was a big help. Many people got the word around and thousands have donated. Its spring now, take the challange!
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My Opinion

Many people have started other callenges on social media. Other challenges are not for a cause. Not many people relise the ice bucket challenge is to raise money and it has. It has been a very important challenge and for me it has been really funny and interesting and knowing its for charity makes it even better to see lots of people raising money and having fun with it.