Central African Republic

Culture of Central African Republic

The People

Sango and French are the two main launguages spoken. About half of the population is Christan. There are more than 80 ethnic groups, but the two main groups are Gbaya (34 perect) and Banda (27 percnt). Central Africans take pride in thier clothing, usally wearing bright colors.


Families are usally huge, they typically live together in one house. Woman do most of the work aroung the house and tend to the feilds while the men and boys watch or play sports. Central Africans celebrate New Year's Day, Mother's Day, and Independance Day.Marrigages are somtimes arranged and other times older men take younger women to be their wives


The economy is based on farming, while most peole are subsistence farmers. Children begin school at age 10, and about 10 percent go on to secondary school. The Central African Republic lack good helthcare, and also lacks non-outdated eqipment. The main form of transportation is taxi brousse; this can be a van or small pickup.