Mrs. Gill's Class


Upcoming Important Dates

-10/4 Friday Morning Assembly, 8:35am

-10/8 School Pictures

-10/10 Social Studies Test

-10/11 Science Test


-In an effort to ensure that you are seeing your child's tests, all tests (spelling, math, reading, etc) will start to go home in Friday folders. Please review the test with your child and sign (at the top, by their name) that you have done so. Then return the signed test in their Friday folders for me to keep (as a way to keep track of your child's needs) by Monday morning.

-Our class received our iPads this week! All students were able to log onto edmodo in class. (We have found that going to the website: is more reliable than the app). So we will start trying to "flip" the classroom for math homework next week. That involves students watching the assigned math video and taking notes in their math journals (I will give them a paper with exactly what to take notes on) for homework, instead of traditional math homework. We will still have students put their class math work in their binders to review and study for tests. With students watching the math lecture videos at home, this will allow more class time for enrichment for students who understand the concept and small group support for students needing extra reinforcement. This is a brand new process for all of us so thank you in advance for your patience and support as we incorporate this innovative strategy into our classroom.

Students have both a social studies and science test coming up soon. Please have them review their study guides and make flashcards to practice for homework! They can also write down "studied for social studies/science test" in their reading log for the next two weeks if they'd like to, instead of reading a traditional book for it (as reviewing the study guide is difficult non-fiction reading practice).

We Studied:

In language arts we read "The Astronaut and the Onion," a realistic-fiction text about a girl who becomes inspired when she meets an astronaut at the grocery store. We focused on making inferences about the character traits of the people in the story while reading. Students used a bubble map to describe the character traits of the main characters.

During math we completed chapter 3 where students added and subtracted large numbers involving regrouping. Students were introduced to a new method called the "square off" technique. They are encouraged to use any method that makes the most amount of sense to them to regroup. I have found that some students prefer to use the traditional method because that is what they're used to while some students think that the "square off" technique is easier to understand. They can review the videos on our edmodo website for extra practice.

Throughout writing students worked on using descriptive writing where they described an object in detail. They also practiced writing complex sentences and focused on spelling long i words throughout grammar and spelling.

We continued to learn about California during social studies. Students have been buddy reading the text and practicing taking important non-fiction notes to fill out their study guides and add information to their flip books. We have also been reviewing information with engaging power point presentations.

In science children continued to study magnets. They conducted an experiment where they had to try to turn a nail into a temporary magnet. They also saw a demonstration of a magnetic field where iron shavings were poured over a magnet to reveal the force around the magnet. Ask your child where the force is the strongest around a magnet (where most of the iron shavings went toward). Answer: the poles of the magnet!

Have a Great Weekend!


Mrs. Gill