Cyber Bullying

Words Hurt!

How Many Are Cyber Bullied?

Lots of kids are picked on from phones and other electronics. Parents need to talk to kids about phones and Cyber Bullying. You can block the bully. But even if Cyber Bullying is happening everywhere PLEASE HELP! Understand the problem.

Can Cyber Bullying Kill?

Cyber Bullying can kill so many people. Cyber Bullying is not OK because people can die from Cyber Bullying. Cyber Bullying can really hurt and kids can commit suicide because of Cyber Bullying. Please if you see Cyber Bullying DON'T JOIN! Be a Up-stander!

How Much Damage does Cyber Bullying Cause?

Cyber Bullying can cause kids to cut themselves or even put themselves in the hospital. Cyber Bullying is Dangerous.

How Can We Help?

For starters be an up-stander and report any Cyber Bullying. Don't join in with the bully instead just help the victim. Lastly Don't Say Bad Things Back!