BRING IT ON May Booking Bonanza

Book as many MAY trunk shows as you can May 7-15th

Our goal is to take ACTION to BOOK MORE trunk shows for May!

It takes reaching out to 10 to book one trunk show typically. It's just a numbers thing! (and many times a "NO" is simply just a not-right-now). Read below on how you can earn points for prizes just by taking ACTION!!! Cash your points in for exciting prizes and you are even being rewarded for getting a "NO" because it means you are just that much closer to getting a YES!

*What counts for this contest?
Any NEW MAY trunk show you book during the contest period (May 7th - 15th)
Trunk shows booked prior to this contest period do not count for points.

1 point for every NO

3 points for every YES

5 points for a Booking-in-Tight (Before May 15th)

Keep track of your points

NO Total:__________ x 1 = __________

YES Total: __________ x 3 = __________

Booked-in-Tight (Trunk Show booked with only a couple days notice) for a show on or before May 15th: __________ x 5 = ____________

Print this off or make your own chart, but keep track of all of your Booking outreach and your own points over the next 4 days!

Booking Blitz Calls this week

This is the perfect call to attend to quickly impact volume and Book in Tight! This is one of the best ways to spend your time at the beginning of the month to boost your business and continue your momentum.

How to Cash in your points?

12- 23 points = Two packs of summer look books (midsize)

24-35 = A pack of Look Books

36+ = A utility tote, a pack of Look Books, 2 foldable neckforms, and a little surprise

The most # of YES's = The Bring It Jewelry (in a color you don't already have) with a $75 Visa gift card!!! Use it for a summer shopping spree, tickets to a Tigers game, or your favorite summer concert

The most # of NO's = A summertime PARTY prize pack that will surely put a smile of your face!

Booked in tight = A super fun active prize so YOU can keep it tight!!!

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